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Unit Groups

Groups are used in the Flotilla IoT system to add multiple numbers of units. A group is a series of monitoring units that are combined together for monitoring and management purposes. Created units are combined to form a group on the basis of some criteria.

Create group

To create a group:

  • Select the groups list and then click on create new button.
  • Enter the name of a new group
  • Enter the Attributes of a group
  • Click on Create new button
  • The group will be created successfully and displayed in the groups list.

Search group

  • To find the required group in the groups list, use the search field above groups list.
  • Enter the required group name in search field, the result will display.

Delete group

To delete a group:

  • Select the group and click on Delete icon next to group’s name in the list
  • The group will be deleted successfully and will not be displayed in the units list.

Update group

To update a group:

  • Click on the group in the groups list
  • Select the Basic tab
  • Update the group information that user wants to edit and then click on update button
  • The group information will be updated successfully.


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