Frequently Asked Questions

There are total 18 modules in Flotilla IoT’s fleet management system and their names are given below:

  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring
  • Geofences
  • Tracks
  • Time Machine
  • Units
  • Users
  • Staff
  • Trailer
  • Vehicle
  • Reports
  • Events
  • Dlogs
  • Schedule
  • Commands
  • Maintenance
  • eLogic
  • Trash

Flotilla IoT many customized reporting options according to the user’s requirements. Following are some of the main report templates available:

  • Trips Reports
  • Stops Reports
  • Engine Hours Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Event Reports
  • Geo fence Reports
  • Eco-Driving Reports

Yes, Flotilla IoT mobile app is a cross-platform app and is available for both android and IOS devices. It is also highly responsive and is compatible with several screen sizes.

Yes, you can create new maintenance for a unit and a user in the ‘Units’ and ‘Users’ module respectively. All the previously created maintenance entities are also shown in the vertical list.

FX tracker is a real-time GPS tracking app that can be used as an alternative for tracking devices. In addition to location tracking, it also offers some other features like schedule tracking, location accuracy, frequency setting, device logs etc. It is a highly beneficial app for fleet operation as the drivers can download it allowing their tracking round the clock.

In the dashboard, the engine hours and mileage of the top ten units is shown in the descending order. The value of the engine hours and mileage can be seen by hovering over the graph.

‘Time Machine’ module provides the complete tracking history of the trips. Users can replay every trip and check the driver’s activity throughout the trip, including route taken and unit status at different time instants. 

The unit is a broader term that can refer to any object including vehicles, humans, animal, machinery, etc. On the contrary, vehicles only refer to different types of automobiles, including cars, buses, trucks, bikes, etc. The vehicle is attached to a unit for tracking purposes. 

There are two options to save the reports:

  • Download: All the reports can be downloaded in the excel sheet.
  • Send Email: The reports can be emailed to the user and custom emails. You can also schedule reports to be received via email.

Yes, Flotilla IoT offers API integration to merge it with different management solutions like fuel management software, financial tools, and HRM software.

Yes, Flotilla IoT allows location tracking and monitoring of anything, including animals, humans, generators, trailers, etc. It is essential to attach a tracking device or FX tracker app with the monitoring object. You can set anything that you want to monitor as a unit in the Flotilla IoT software and get real-time updates about it.

Flotilla Iot offers integration with two mobile apps named FX tracker and Flotilla IoT.

  • FX Tracker:

The FX tracker is a live GPS tracking app providing real-time location.

  • Flotilla IoT:

Flotilla IoT is a fleet monitoring app providing real-time updates about fleet activity along with track history, unit details and notification alert features.

Yes, Flotilla IoT fleet management system offers several features to monitor drivers’ performance. From daily task reporting, the evaluation of drivers’ task completion can be done. In addition to that, the ‘Eco-Driving’ feature monitors various driving aspects like speeding, braking, acceleration. Whenever the driver over speeds, applies harsh brakes or accelerates recklessly, it is shown on the software. This way, the driver’s performance can be judged in different ways.

The purpose of aggregate sensors is to find out accumulative sensor values. You can apply different arithmetic and logical operations on more than one parameters to find an aggregate value.

You do not have to assign a geo-fence to a unit as it is done automatically. When you assign a geo-fence to a user, it is assigned automatically to all the units of that user. The user can get notification alerts on all the geo-fence activity for the units.

In the reports module, you have the option to download or email a report. Select the duration, days, time, report template and user to view report. When the report is selected, you can email it or download it by clicking on the ‘SEND TO EMAIL’ and ‘DOWNLOAD’ buttons respectively.

eLogics is a module that combines several inputs and provides an aggregate result. Users can perform different arithmetic and logical operations on inputs to get the desired results. For example, distance = speed*time or ignition==1? false: true.

The template generator option in CMS creates the reporting modules for Flotilla IoT. Users can create customized reporting templates according to their requirements. It also controls the options to be displayed on the systems.

Parking refers to the stop state when the ignition is OFF, whereas idling refers to the stop state when the ignition is ON. There is a term called ‘Minimal Parking/Idling Duration’ that is the threshold stop time after which both conditions are analyzed. For example, suppose the Minimal Parking/Idling Duration is 5 minutes. In that case, when the vehicle stops for 5 minutes or more with ignition OFF, it is referred to as ‘Parking.’ Similarly, if the vehicle stops for 5 minutes or more with ignition ON, it is considered ‘Idling.’

Flotilla IoT’s fleet management system uses geocoding server to track the objects’ location. It relies on efficient devices that fetch and transfer data in milliseconds with top-notch accuracy.

Flotilla IoT is not just a GPS tracking software; it is a complete fleet management system encompassing all the areas of fleet operations. It offers features ranging from location tracking and geofencing to ECO-driving and maintenance. To further facilitate clients, Flotilla IoT offers the option to choose amongst many state-of-the-art tracking devices that provide accurate data-sharing.

For logging in the FX tracker app, you have to enter the unique ID with which you want to connect it. Once the unique ID is entered, you can track the movement of the device from the Flotilla IoT monitoring app.

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