A complete GPS tracking software for better efficiency and profitability

Track, automate, and elevate productivity to achieve short-term and long-term fleet goals.

Flotilla IoT offers an end-to-end GPS tracking software that facilitates every step of fleet operations. From monitoring the status and location of the vehicles to maintenance and reporting, we provide everything. Our tracking solution helps optimize operational efficacy and yield a better return on investment.


Real-time Location Tracking

Flotilla IoT offers continuous fleet visibility by providing the live location tracking of vehicles. With the monitoring module, you can view the vehicle's real-time location on the map and monitor its movement. You can replay the trip to view the vehicle's route and check the location at various instants.

  • Better visibility
  • Location history
  • Route monitoring
  • Real-time traffic updates

Fuel Monitoring

Our GPS tracking system lets you monitor real-time fuel consumption. By using fuel cards, you can ensure transparency in transactions. You can create customized reports to obtain crucial insights enabling you to strategize smartly. The real-time notifications can inform you immediately in case of a leakage or fuel theft.

  • Real-time quantity monitoring
  • Detect leakage
  • Prevent theft
  • Cut down expense
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Real-time Notifications

Create various event-based real-time alerts like moving, stop, parking, geofence entrance/exit, crash, etc. You can strategize smartly with timely reminders and make well-informed decisions.

  • Real-time updates
  • Better emergency handling
  • Better planning
  • Optimized productivity

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Flotilla IoT GPS tracking software offers strict monitoring of the driver’s behavior during the trips to ensure safety and cost-efficiency. Any irresponsible driving display like overspeeding, extreme turn, rapid acceleration, harsh braking etc. can be notified in real-time via alerts.

  • Continuous monitoring during trips
  • Driver’s performance assessment
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Better safety

Sensor Integrations

You can integrate various sensors, including Discreet, Measurement, Identification, and Aggregate sensors, to closely monitor vehicle activity. It offers you better control over operations by obtaining the required information.

  • Check vehicles’ statuses
  • Identify drivers, passengers, and trailers
  • Measure different attributes (fuel, temperature, weight, speed, etc.)
  • Find unknown values by applying arithmetic operations


Our detailed maintenance module allows you to schedule maintenance, create notifications, and track expenses. With real-time reminders, you can conduct maintenance tasks timely to keep a healthy fleet.

  • Schedule tasks based on different parameters like date, mileage, engine hours
  • Receive a notification when maintenance becomes due
  • Keep track of the maintenance expenses
  • View maintenance history

Insightful Reporting

Flotilla IoT GPS tracking system offers many reporting templates, including trip, fuel, geofence, maintenance reports etc. to perform detailed analysis on the data. You can get valuable insights by following data trends in the reports and devise beneficial strategies accordingly.

  • Availability of summary and detailed reports
  • Customized reports as per requirements
  • Download and upload reports
  • Send reports to user email

Vehicle Safety

From alarm sensors and driver identification to fuel monitoring and geofencing, Flotilla IoT GPS tracking software offers many features to ensure vehicle safety. With real-time tracking and notification, you remain updated about the vehicle’s whereabouts and wellbeing all the time.

  • Set up alarms
  • Verify drivers and passengers
  • Perform preventive maintenance
  • Send commands in case of an emergency
  • Get real-time notifications about vehicles

Track History

Replay all the trips within a specific time duration by selecting the date and time. You can view the entire trips taken during that time along with their route. With the Time Machine module, you can replay the complete trip by following its motion on the map.

  • View trips completed by every vehicle
  • Monitor the route taken during the trip
  • Find out about stops and idling during trips
  • Upload tracks to view on the map


eLogic module is designed for the technical staff to find unknown values or convert raw data into desired values. You can apply various logical and arithmetic operations on device attributes to find required values.

  • Find unknown values or achieve desired values
  • Different return types (Number, String, Boolean)
  • Use drag and drop builder or write a direct expression
  • Add custom variable to perform operations


You can send customized commands to the device to control device output. You can perform any required action on the vehicle by sending commands like ignition OFF or power cut. It allows you to prevent theft and handle any other emergency effectively.

  • Control the vehicle activity from a remote location
  • Assign commands to one or multiple vehicles
  • Prevent emergencies like theft

Flotilla IoT is a fully integrated and automated telematics platform, offering an efficient goal-driven Fleet Management System to facilitate business operations.

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