Asset Management Software

You can record individual asset or inventory details with ease, run services such as asset check-in and check-out and record asset history.

Asset Management

About Solution

Flotilla IoT enables you to track and control your fixed, movable assets and inventory using smartphones. You can trace and record data of your inventory or asset by scanning the QR Codes or by tapping the NFC tags.

  • You can view, update and delete records
  • Use a smartphone as a tag reader
  • Take photos of your asset or inventory
  • Record GPS location with each QR code scan
  • Generate Reports in a custom format
  • Multiple users for scanning assets and inventory related QR Code
  • Schedule auto emails for reports
  • Track Work in Progress
  • Scan multiple QR codes to a single asset or inventory
  • Automatically stores data of who performed what action

Easy to Use and Affordable

Use QR Code Assign your tag to your asset Update your asset’s status anytime Manage your physical assets and follow your activities.

QR Codes

QR codes also enables you to add other data like GPS location and photos. These features are not obtainable in spreadsheets or manual data entry. Photos make it easy for you to identify items in an instant while having an accurate location through GPS removes any uncertainty about where to find your asset.

Asset Platform

Flotilla IoT Asset platform makes it easy to use QR codes to track your item inventory. Our customizable fields provide plenty of space to attach photos and other data required about your assets. QR codes assist you in implementing new protocols over several different departments in the company.

Asset Management

Flotilla IoT asset management software helps in streamlining item inventory tracking. We offer intelligent means of keeping up with the status of the item.

Track Your Inventory and Assets in Real Time

If you have a large amount of moving items in your inventory, you need to know what you have on the floor now. Information from yesterday or even few hours ago can create confusion. Your records can show that you have multiples of a specific item when you actually have one only. This can create a number of problems for your company. This is why using QR codes on every item of your inventory will help you track assets in real time. Anyone handling the inventory can scan the QR codes, and the other team members will instantly know where those assets are without having to run down to the storage themselves.

QR Codes Transfer Data Automatically​

Some inventory systems require a lot of manual data entry and can consume a lot of man hours. QR codes are easy to use and transfers data in seconds. This immediate transfer of information cuts down on time used up on manual data entry, and enhance the accuracy of the records in question. When you go through your asset records, you can be sure you have the accurate record. This gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

Cloud based

QR code simplifies how you connect to and store information. Cloud based data are easily accessible to you and is not restricted to a specific location. Keeping all your data in one place is a significant way to ensure you have an intelligible idea of the real time updates of your inventory. Centralized in one system get consistent asset data, across internal and external business users, for effective and smooth business process. Eliminate the guesswork and put an end to the need, where you are required to head back to your office to update records.


Manual Tags can be Incredibly Inefficient Resulting in

An efficient, effective inventory management program can go a long way, towards ensuring the financial health of organizations that rely heavily on their equipment/assets. Flotilla asset management software provides a superior method of inventory management thanks to its flexibility, ease of access, custom features and cloud-based format.

In addition, with this useful asset management system, inventory management professionals can streamline maintenance and keep a tight grip on their planned preventative maintenance. With a minor cost and instant record processing you will have an increased returns on investment in no time.

Lifecycle Management of Enterprise Assets

Assets are the biggest investment for many organizations. Extending the life of your assets helps you to save cost. Regular, preventative maintenance helps you to ensure equipment does not break down or wear out before its time.

Executing and planning preventative maintenance lessens unpredictable breakdowns, which disrupts business when the needed equipment or product is unavailable or not in working condition. A regular maintenance schedule can help you identify potential threat of misuse of equipment, or equipment that is defective and inclined to disruption. Consistent maintenance assist in identifying when to replace the equipment.

  • Relay data instantly to a centralized application for storing and disseminating information
  • Provides detailed data concerning equipment maintenance
  • Help you recognize trends in maintenance, such as problem equipment or over or under-utilization of assets
  • Eliminate inaccuracies in equipment tracking
  • Reduce errors in maintenance

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