A live GPS tracking app
offering location updates on the go

You can record individual asset or inventory details with ease, run services such as asset check-in and check-out and record asset history.

FX Tracker


Real-time GPS Tracking

The ready-to-use FX tracker app provides real time location tracking by just turning on the app on your mobile device.

Offline Data Storage

Data is stored when the internet is lost and is updated whenever the connection is restored.


You can schedule tracking for anytime in future with full customization options.

Frequency Setting

You can set the minimum time for sharing track updates

Distance Setting

You can select the minimum distance to start tracking according to your requirement.


The updates on the different events of the app can be viewed in logs.

Why Choose Us?


Set location accuracy according to your liking

Easy to Install

Hassle free installation on all devices

Fast Data Sharing

Uninterrupted sharing of location updates

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