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Flotilla IoT offers

A complete management solution including real-time tracking, reporting, notifications, staff management, maintenance, geofencing, commands, trip history, etc.

Flotilla IoT has been catering to the white labeling needs of the fleet businesses for more than ten years. It offers all the desired features in a fleet management system with full customization availability in white labeling.

From logo and color scheming to URL, you can get everything according to your requirement. You can outsource the software to your clients by branding it as your own product.

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Real-time Monitoring

You can get location, motion status and activity status in real time. By clicking on the unit, you can view its current location, speed of travelling and other discreet details.


Mark any geographical boundary using different shapes on the map to monitor the vehicle activity within it. You can set the real-time notifications for geofence entrance and exit.


Many customized notifications are available including the digital, analog, movement, Identification, fuel, etc. With timely alerts, you remain updated about the fleet activity around the clock.


Flotilla IoT white label GPS tracking software offers many reporting templates including Trip, Fuel, Geofence, Maintenance etc. You can also created customized reporting templates according to your requirement.

More Detail

Trip History

The complete history of all the trips completed by a unit can be viewed via Tracks. The time Machine module allows you to replay every trip by monitoring the activity statuses and routes taken throughout the journey. Customized Trip reports can be made to view discreet details like Motion Status, Speed, Location Coordinates, etc.

More Detail


Commands offer you better control over the operations. You can create different customized commands and send them to the device to perform different actions.


Create a maintenance task and remain updated about it by receiving notification when it becomes due. You can also keep track of the expenses spent on the maintenance.


With eLogic, you can find out unknown values using the available inputs. Apply different arithmetic and logical operations on inputs to find out the required values.

Applications That We Offer

Mobile Apps

Flotilla IoT white label GPS tracking software offers two mobile apps including FX tracker and Flotilla IoT to ensure monitoring on the go. FX Tracker acts as an alternative for a tracking device and cannot be installed on the drivers’ mobile phones to track them. Flotilla IoT is a complete monitoring app that provides the real-time updates about the fleet activity on the go.

API Integration Availability

To enable the operational needs of the clients, Flotilla IoT offers seamless API integration. You can integrate any software with your white label GPS tracking software like SAP or fuel management system. With a centralized system offering all the required data in one place, a business can manage operations much efficiently.


Flotilla IoT offers a state-of-the-art customer management system with its white label GPS tracking software. It offers a centralized platform to manage the various aspects of customers ranging from account creation to assigning privileges. With a hierarchical structure, a business can have complete control on all of its clients enabling in efficient management.

Multilingual support

To cater to a diverse set of clientele, Flotilla IoT offers around 29 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. You can select the language from the list to start using software with convenience.

Web App

Flotilla IoT has an innovative web monitoring app that offers the clients a complete picture of the fleet operations. From the current status of a vehicle to its reports and maintenance, everything is available on the web app. The web app is easy-to-use and helps the new user to navigate through it quickly.

Easy-to-use and Eye Catching Design

An easy-to-use design incorporating excellent aesthetics offers convenience to the new users. The delightful color combination along with excellent design elements gives the software an attractive look. With intuitive interface, the user can navigate quickly through the software making it easier to explore features.