Features and Benefits of White Label GPS Tracking Software


Features and Benefits of White Label GPS Tracking Software

Fleet business is progressing so fast with innovations emerging regularly after some time. White labeling is one such trending service in the telematics industry these days. It gives businesses the option to use tracking software with customized branding. From logos and graphics to URLs, users can get everything personalized in a white-label GPS tracking software.

The number of fleet management companies offering white labeling is increasing to match the growing demand. Do you wonder about the features and benefits of excellent white-label software? This blog will provide you with the information you have been looking for.



White labeling offers companies the freedom to customize the product according to their requirements. Out of many customization options, some of them are as follows:

  • Tracking Devices: 

White-label systems offer the option of integrating different numbers of tracking devices. Usually, the software has a limited capacity; therefore, any number of devices within the range can be supported. Some systems also offer the functionality to customize the viewing of the devices to users. 

  • Packages:

The resellers can customize the product packages according to their requirements. Many systems provide a Package Editor to prepare different pricing plans. You can also manage various aspects of price packages, including the currency and tariffs etc. 

  • Maps:

The map requirements vary from one location to another. Due to this reason, the white label GPS tracking software provides its customization. Several other related factors like geocoding and directions etc. can also be customized according to requirements. 

  • Integration Options:

The customized software offers many integration options, including communication tools and financial tools. Some systems use plugins for integration purposes while others forward data to third-party applications. If there are any integrated apps with the tracking software, they can also be branded according to the client’s needs. 

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  • Domain:

The customization of the domain is available by providing a personalized URL for login. Some fleet management companies also allow secure SSL connection support.

  • Logo:

The logo is the face of a company and establishes a brand identity in the public’s minds. A company can use the software by replacing the original logo with its own. 

  • Graphics:

From the color scheming of the software to its graphics, users can personalize everything. Some software manufacturers go as far as customizing the interface display according to the client’s requirements.

  • Signatures:

The email and SMS signatures can be personalized by adding all the details. You can also add links to your company’s website and social media pages. 

Benefits of using a white label GPS tracking software:
Saves Cost:

Everyone wants custom-built fleet management software developed by keeping all the requirements in mind. However, getting customized software designed is a costly desire. It is hard to find a good manufacturer to do so in the first place. Even if you find one, the expense would be much higher than your expectations. With white labeling, you can get all the customized software features at a much lower price. 

Develops a strong Brand Identity:

Developing a strong brand identity is the goal of every fleet management service provider. However, finding a way to do so can be a bit difficult. With personalized GPS tracking software for cars, a reseller can develop a strong brand identity amongst its clients.

Less Operational Problems:

If a reseller sells white-label software to its clients, they do not have to worry about every operational aspect. For example, the service providers offer cloud hosting and customer support. Thus, a reseller has less pressure of handling operations, providing them relief.

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