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Flotilla ioT. Designed for real time tracking and fleet management platform, steering your fleet to a more profitable future.

Fleet Management System

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

About Flotilla​ IoT

About Flotilla​ IoT

In today’s world, automation and integration have become the foremost requirement for improved business performance. Flotilla IoT is a telematics platform, providing solutions for Fleet Management and GPS Tracking.

The system is easy to implement, thereby improving the productivity of the vehicles combined with our experience and expertise in the latest digital innovations, we aptly provide solutions to meet the needs of the business better, and more effectively than ever before.

Our team consists of highly energetic and innovative professionals who build intelligent systems and leverage expertise in integration, analytics, and unparalleled services. We strive to achieve excellence by helping our partners get detailed and insightful information that empowers them to make data-driven decisions.



Core Features
That makes us top notch

Fleet Management software

Fleet Management system

A web-based software that provides real-time tracking, Get detailed and insightful information that helps you make data driven decisions.

Asset Management System

Asset Management system

Enables you to find your field equipment by locating them instantly, but also helps you to optimize the management of your assets

staff management system

Shift Management system

Capture attendance data in real time, significantly empowering employers to attain the best desired results from their workforce

Facility Management System

Facility Management system

Allow facility manager to view the graphical representation of Bills, Payments, Consumption and Move in Move out.


Hardware Integrations

1000 plus devices integrations. The platform is designed to be used with various hardware solutions and has so far, integrated with the most relevant hardware manufacturers. By having an open protocol, it allows our Partners to connect their own GPS device.


Extending the life of your current systems Our solutions seamlessly integrate with leading workflow tools to assure fast return on investment and provide users with great collaboration experiences. CRM, GPS, accounting, payroll, human resources – seamless integration of your existing systems with Flotilla IoT maximizes the investment you have already made. The platform is designed to be used with various hardware solutions and has so far.

Flotilla Fleet Management System screen

Vehicle Management System

flotilla home screen
Track your fleet on the move and manage what is important

Real time monitoring and controlling with accurate location, speed and direction enabling you to make informed decisions. Gives instant alerts about important events.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To increase the safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations by transforming data into intelligence

At the heart of our products and services is a talented and agile team that understands the importance of listening to our value added Partners and Resellers to provide solutions that meet and anticipate their needs.

Simple is Better

Simple is Better

Making things simple requires a lot of thought and discipline and we are willing to go the extra mile to do this, its not about showing our intelligence its about ensuring accessibility to masses

Innovation is Key to successful Business

Designing and developing great products that resolves current and future business challenges for our Partners is at the heart of our business!

People Create Great Company

People Create Great Company

We understand that amazing people create amazing teams and amazing teams can overcome enormous challenges. We ensure to hire train and develop right talent and work equally hard to create a challenging and rewarding work environment to inspire and realize their true potential.

Listening to Customers is at Core of Our DNA

We are students of “product development" and "market validation" and use these practices to design our product and strategy. We are aware that making customer-friendly, customercentric decisions results in customer loyalty, growth, and long-term profits.


Perfect solution for All business

Combined with our expertise and unparalleled service standards, Flotilla IoT ensures improved business performance by optimizing vehicles and drivers efficiency resulting in reduced fuel and labor costs, extended vehicle life cycle and improved customer service.

Industries We Serve

We have worked with various industries over the past 10 years, No matter what your company size, experience or industry is, we can put the right team to support you to start expanding your business and drive results. Flotilla IoT has paved the way for companies to improve the productivity, reliability, safety, and compliance off their fleets.

Curves Ahead

Be ready for market changes with one of the most advanced telematics Platform which help you scale your business with our advanced and powerfull features and functions.

Construction Services
Home Services
Laundry Services
Delivery and Logistics
school bus
School and Bus
Waste Management
Government Fleet
Food Delivery
Taxi Services
Transport Services
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