Unique Selling Points

Flotilla IoT is not just a basic tracking system; it is a comprehensive telematics platform that is tailor-made to facilitate every single aspect of fleet operations. It offers one-of-a-kind features that make it stand out in the market. You can meet your business objectives by availing of all the unique features of Flotilla IoT.

  • Template Generator
  • eLogic
  • Dlogs
  • Notifications
Template Generator

The template generator allows users to create reporting templates to be displayed on the software. Users can create, edit, delete customized reporting templates according to their requirements and control the options to show in the reports. It gives users the freedom to develop any report that can help them in efficient monitoring.

What does it offer?

  • There are no restrictions on users only to use default templates, offering them unlimited reporting options.
  • Add and remove options on reports allowing improved data visibility. 
  • Unlimited reporting options help in better customer insight and data analysis.  
  • Create requirement-based reporting templates to facilitate operations and boost efficiency.
  • The template generator allows fleet managers to conduct requirement-based monitoring
  • The freedom to handle reporting conveniently makes you stand out from the competition.
  • You can generate customized reporting templates that help meet compliance requirements.
  • With the freedom to keep and remove data at will, you can avoid information overload
  • With a wide scope, Flotilla IoT's template generator feature is appropriate for various business types.
  • The template generator facilitates clients in enhancing their profitability, helping you improve customer satisfaction.
  • With an attractive requirement-based reporting template option, you can attract a huge clientele and generate more sales.

eLogic allows performing arithmetic and logical operations on various input parameters to find an aggregate result. Ideally, it is made to convert inaccurate and unclear inputs into a more understandable form. If the device is not sending the desired data, eLogic can help convert it into the required form.

What does it offer?

  • Technical engineers can convert raw inputs into desired inputs offering them better control
  • Build flexible and effective parameters for fetching data from multiple inputs to provide accurate results.  
  • eLogic is a tailor-made solution for finding the required values from the available options.
  • By finding and monitoring the required data anytime, you can have a competitive advantage
  • Use customized logic on the available data to facilitate operations and get things done
  • Create sensors for different operational aspects for enhanced monitoring.
  • Get the required data values from the available inputs offering improved productivity
  • Perform different arithmetic and logical operations to get desired inputs
  • Make adjustments according to your requirement and deploy changes with confidence
  • The better grip on the data inputs results in increased growth and client satisfaction.

Dlogs contain all the raw data received from the devices that are connected to the units. Users can view all the discreet details like address, longitude-latitude, speed, parameters, etc. Dlogs come in handy for record-keeping purposes and are pivotal in providing useful insights. 

What does it offer?

  • Technical engineers and client support can run affairs much conveniently by having an accurate data source.
  • With a detailed data source, you can gather any information anytime
  • You can have all the data in one place, offering ready-to-retrieve backup.
  • Identify the root causes of a problem by checking the discreet details. 
  • With data-driven diagnosis and debugging, you can reduce the issue resolution time.  
  • Extract the useful information anytime you want, allowing efficient data mining.
  • The insightful database helps in lateral thinking and in-depth analysis
  • Get valuable data insights helping you boost operational efficiency.
  • With reliance on an authentic database, you can make smart data-driven decision with confidence
  • You can check the Dlogs to validate the data helping you in a better understanding of data.

Flotilla IoT allows users to create customized notifications according to their requirements. It gives managers the luxury not to sit in front of the monitoring screen all day rather set notifications to get real-time updates.

What does it offer?

  • Fleet managers can set notifications for different events providing them with more operational control.
  • Managers are always aware of the latest fleet activity allowing them remote monitoring.
  • Timely notification alerts are helpful in preventive maintenance.
  • Strictly monitor the drivers’ behavior resulting in improved performance.
  • A geofenced area can be specified for getting location-based alerts.
  • Users can set a time bracket for notifications to get time-based alerts

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