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The Ultimate Fleet Management System

A platform that can fulfill all the business requirements:
fleet security, fuel management, cold supply chain,
last-mile delivery, driver identification, fleet management,
work order management, etc.

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The Ultimate Fleet Management System

Fleet management system

A fleet management system designed for real time tracking and monitoring of daily fleet operations helping to achieve business objectives. Get detailed and insightful information that helps you make informed data driven decisions.


Real Time Tracking

This feature of our Fleet Management System allows routing module to collect data from telematics device. This data provides real time updates on vehicle location, speed, direction, and distance travelled. It would enable you to monitor the movement of your vehicle at all times.

Advance Reports & Schedule Reports

Weekly and monthly reports are generated by our software through which managers can get a thorough insight of their vehicle network functioning.

History of all trips completed by a vehicle is kept in record. At the time of need, it can easily be accessed by the managers.

Alerts are generated to ensure safety of the vehicle. For instance, some zones are marked which are high risk regarding vehicle theft.

With this feature, any past trip can be analyzed. It plays the exact movement of a vehicle which has already completed its route.

Add your custom in-house map layers with detailed geospatial information and visualize all areas which are important for your business operations (specific industrial areas or plants, maps layers with special marks for dispatchers, etc.)

Flotilla enables Distributors and Resellers to create their own email and SMS gateway using their personalized branding and logo. Your customers can enjoy full access to our suite of features,

Clear and intuitive calibration table, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications are available for many type of sensors like Fuel, Temperature, Speed, Mileage etc.

A certain predefined geographical boundary is marked through satellite. Whenever vehicle enters or leaves that boundary, alarm is triggered. This is done in order to secure your vehicle network and to make it more manageable.

Ensure the safety of your fleet with strict monitoring on every move of the drivers. From speeding to harsh braking and rough turns, everything can be detected in real time to ensure smooth driving.

A vehicle which is not well maintained may consume up to 50% more fuel. But this problem would also be solved if you use our device. To ensure better fuel management and vehicle durability, Flotilla has a thorough system. It keeps an overall record of vehicle performance through which it automatically generates engine diagnostic alerts, and sets up reminders for regular oil change, tune ups, filter replacements and other routine maintenance.

Performance of drivers is continuously monitored through our fleet management system. It helps to take immediate action if the driver acts fatigued or demonstrates aggressive driving. Moreover, drivers are rated by star based system depending upon their driving performance.

Whether you're tracking Engine hours, trip, event reports etc, we have the right report template generator for you.

White Labeling
White Labeling

Flotilla enables distributors and re sellers to integrate their own email and SMS gateway using their personalized branding and logo. Customers can enjoy full access to Flotilla IoT suite of features with their own customized outlook.

Template Generator
Template Generator

Our one-click report template generator enables you with the power to customize and generate reports according to your business and customer’s requirements without the need to keep it in que.

Multiple Language Support
Multiple Language Support

Fleet management platform, Supports various Languages

Real-time Telemetry Data

Wherever you are, will always stay aware of what's happening. Track your objects within a meter accuracy. Be informed about important events and react to any changes immediately.

Flotilla IoT

Free GPS monitoring app available for both android and IOS.

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Fleet Technical & Training

Technical & Training

Smart and simple, this is what you will say about the service.  It includes a wide range of applications from pet tracking to a sophisticated enterprise solution.

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