Shift Management Software

If Organizations have punctual employees it signifies that the daily tasks will be completed on time. It is crucial to manage a set of workforce who are constantly out in the fields, construction sites, warehouse, and various work locations where employees are hired on hourly, weekly or monthly basis or those in office.

With Flotilla Real Time shift Management software, capture attendance data in real time, significantly empowering employers to attain the best desired results from their workforce, leading to higher financial gains as well as growth in productivity.

Attendance Dashboard

Flotilla Attendance Dashboard gives the summarized view of attendance data using different touch points at a glance. It serves as the central workspace for attendance management.

Shift & Scheduling

We have designed our shift & scheduling solution to manage shifts and group employees under each shift based on different business and project needs. Our software not only helps create schedules for shifts, leaves or weekly offs and fit employees into them, they also enable Managers to change shifts as required.

Employee Information

Manage all your employee records in one convenient place. You can store complete information of your employees based on their designation and departments where, your employee information is both secure and accessible.


With Flotilla discrepancy management, you can fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an employee forgets to bring his swipe card, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT. For discrepancy in shift timings you can view and take immediate corrective measures accordingly.


Shift management software About Us

Since the formation of the Company, we have foreseen that cutting edge technology will be the main feature to achieve success in the world of transpiring artificial intelligence and information. Therefore we began with a goal to obtain many of the quality solutions in the extensive field of human identification, security and safety which is ideal for organizations of all sizes.

To achieve this goal one of our focus is on Workforce Management. Flotilla has successfully designed and developed innovative techniques to help organizations adopt simple yet smart way to handle their workforce.

Our goal is to assist companies to take practical and proactive approach to inspiring healthy attendance management.

  • Time Attendance Systems
  • Workforce Management
  • Effective Punctuality
  • Smart Reports

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