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Evolution of Fleet Management Systems
Evolution of Fleet Management Systems

A few decades back, no one could have imagined a mechanism that can offer real-time monitoring of vehicles. It seemed to be a farfetched idea until GPS trackers came along. The GPS tracking revolutionized the operations of various fleet businesses including logistics, supply chain and delivery etc. and their productivity skyrocketed.When the conventional mechanism proved

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Benefits of Using a Fleet Management System

The primary goal of every business is to improve productivity and enhance profitability. Operational efficiency is of paramount importance in logistics and transportation as the outcomes are directly dependent on it. Fleet management system have emerged as a significant relief for business owners and fleet managers in running daily operations. It is a telematics platform

White Label GPS tracking Software
Flotilla IOT White Label GPS Solutions

If you want to establish your own tracking company but find it challenging to start from scratch, there is no need to worry. Flotilla will provide you the head start you always needed in this business. It will provide tracking software along with a variety of features to GPS tracking companies. Flotilla White Label solution is

Fuel Monitor Flotilla
How Fuel Monitor Flotilla fleet GPS tracking system work

Fuel consumption accounts for more than one-third of the total expenses of a fleet network. To increase profit, managers must monitor fuel consumption patterns of vehicles in their fleet. Managers need to be aware of the exact amount of fuel input of a car at a particular time. They need to know whereabouts of the

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Role of Flotilla fleet management system in Driver Behavior

Driver behavior in any fleet network is more important than all the other factors combined. Good driver behavior can turn a small fleet network into a large profitable organization. Similarly, if the driver’s conduct is not up to the mark, large fleets can go into bankruptcy. Moreover, the cost of vehicle management can be reduced

Flotilla Personal Tracking system
Flotilla Personal Tracking System

Flotilla offers a personal tracking system that both managers and leading operating software can monitor the location of vehicles at all times. Our tracking device is a state of the art technology that combines both active and passive tracking abilities. It sends data to the server directly when a cellular network is available. When the

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How Geofencing is important for Vehicle Tracking

It is a general misconception that fleet management only provides a vehicle tracking system. In reality, there is so much more to offer. One such feature is geofencing, which is most often underutilized. Geofencing is a technological advancement in the Flotilla fleet management system through which a virtual geographical boundary is created through GPS. Whenever the

Flotilla Fleet Management System
What’s included in Flotilla Fleet Management System?

1.Real-Time Vehicle Tracking with Flotilla This feature of our Fleet Management System allows the routing module to collect data from a telematics device. This data provides real-time updates on vehicle location, speed, direction, and distance traveled. It would allow you to monitor the movement of your vehicle at all times.  2.Real-Time Telemetry Data Telematics device continuously

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Engine Idling in Fleet Management system

A vehicle is said to be in idle mode if its engine is running while the car itself is stationary. This phenomenon is prevalent among drivers and is usually considered as a norm. However, when switching off is viewed through efficiency and technicality, its negative impacts come into the spotlight. Excessive fuel consumption is the