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Advanced Sensor Integration
Advanced Sensor Integration in Flotilla IoT | How it helps in fleet management?

Flotilla IoT is an innovative addition to the telematics world. With excellent features and state-of-the-art customer service, it is one of the leading fleet management systems in the market. It is custom-built to automate fleet operations and enhance a business’s

Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations
Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations with Fleet Technology

In every business, the clients are considered the king as they are the ones that bring the revenue. Similarly, fleet companies also prioritize their customers over everything. Losing them means a drop in revenue which is entirely unacceptable. Thus, all

Most successful Fleet
Most successful Fleet Management Practices

Plan Preventive Maintenance: Schedule preventive maintenance to anticipate the service and repair needs keeping the fleet in good condition.  Manage Your Inventory: Keeping a record of the inventory items for tracking purposes helps optimize resource utilization.  Choose Vehicles Wisely: Select

better understanding of your fleet needs
How to get a better understanding of your fleet needs?

Running successful fleet operations may be the desire of many businesses, but it is hard to achieve it. It involves many aspects, including financial affairs, workforce management, vehicle acquisition, performance monitoring, etc. Ignoring any area means that you cannot achieve

Fleet Vehicles-Everything
Buying Fleet Vehicles-Everything you need to know

Many businesses deal with a commercial fleet ranging from car rental companies to industries. In addition to fleet management systems, vehicles (units) play a huge role in overall profitability. An efficient group of automobiles can perform more tasks in less

white label feature
Everything You Should Know About White Label GPS Tracking Software

The Telematics world has a lot of innovations happening every day. From exceptional internet speeds to state-of-the-art tracking devices, advancements are taking place in every aspect. White label GPS tracking software is one thing creating a lot of buzz in

5 Ways Fleet Management Software Eliminates Paperwork

Nowadays, the fleet business is growing at a remarkable pace. Due to this fast development, managers’ job has become a lot more complicated. They have to look after many daily tasks ranging from staff management to vehicle maintenance. Many businesses

save fuel tips
Top 5 Tips to Save Fuel

Every fleet business desires to reduce expenses and enhance its profitability. How to do it? This question is prevalent in the telematics industry. Some businesses turn to strict monthly audits to control their expenses, while others deploy fleet management systems. 

Fleet performance
How to Analyze Fleet Performance Using Reports

In any business, accountability can be pivotal in pushing individuals to perform best. It can make them become more vigilant during work, ensuring lesser wastage of time. A fleet business is not any different and calls for a strict check

gps tracking system work
How Does A GPS Tracking System Work?

GPS technology was a massive breakthrough in the technology world. It created a huge buzz globally when the masses came to know of this innovative technology. Nowadays, it is the center of many modern solutions like fleet management systems. Telematics