How Flotilla Iot White Label Vehicle GPS Tracking Software Can Boost Your Fleet Business?

How Flotilla Iot White Label Vehicle GPS Tracking Software Can Boost Your Fleet Business?

Flotilla IoT White label vehicle tracking software is a comprehensive management solution, comprising geofencing, real-time tracking, commands, trip history, staff management, reporting, and notifications. All these features are tailor-made to allow businesses to enhance their operational efficiency.

For over a decade, Flotilla IoT has been meeting the fleet industry’s white labelling requirements. It provides complete white labelling customization options along with all the required functionality in a fleet management system.

Flotilla IoT White Label Vehicle Tracking Software:

Flotilla IoT whitelabeling offers a complete package to fleet businesses with end-to-end customization.  You can acquire everything to suit your needs, including logos, color schemes, and URLs. By branding the software as your own, you can outsource it to your clients.

What features are available?

Realtime Monitoring

Real-time location, motion, and activity status updates are available. You may see the unit’s current position, travel speed, and other private characteristics by clicking on it.


To keep an eye on vehicle activity within a given geographic limit, mark it on the map with various shapes. The geofence entrance and exit real-time notifications are configurable.


There are numerous customizable alerts available, such as gasoline, movement, identification, digital, and analogue. You may stay informed about fleet activity all day long with timely alerts.


Flotilla IoT white label reporting Numerous reporting formats, such as trip, fuel, geofence, maintenance, and others, are available with GPS vehicle tracking systems. Additionally, you can design customized reporting templates based on your needs.

Trip History

Tracks allow you to see the whole history of every trip a unit has taken. By keeping track of the routes taken and activity statuses during the trip, the Time Machine module lets you monitor the complete journey. You can check delicate details like Motion Status, Speed, Location Coordinates, etc. by creating customized trip reports.


With commands, you have more control over the processes. You can schedule the device to carry out various tasks by creating and sending different customized commands on it.


Make a maintenance job and get notified when it’s about to expire so you can stay informed. It is also possible to monitor the costs associated with maintenance.


With eLogic, you can use the available inputs to find out unknown values. Utilize various arithmetic and logical functions on inputs to determine the necessary values.

What is Available in Flotilla IoT White Label Package?

Smartphone Applications

Flotilla white label for IoT To enable monitoring while on the road, GPS tracking software provides two mobile apps, FX Tracker and Flotilla IoT. Instead of being able to track drivers on their phones, FX Tracker serves as a substitute for tracking devices. Flotilla IoT is a comprehensive fleet monitoring tool that offers on-the-go real-time updates.

Availability of API Integration

Smooth API integration is provided by Flotilla IoT to support the clients’ operational requirements. Your white-label vehicle tracking software can be integrated with any software, such as fuel management systems or SAP. An organization may manage operations much more effectively with a centralized system that provides all the necessary data in one location.

Admin Panel

CMS Flotilla IoT’s white label GPS tracking software provides a cutting-edge customer management system. It provides a centralized platform for managing all of the many aspects of consumers, from creating accounts to allocating privileges. A company can have total control over all of its clients with a hierarchical structure, which facilitates effective management.

Multilingual Support

Flotilla IoT provides over 29 languages, such as French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc., to accommodate a wide range of customers. Choosing a language from the list will allow you to begin using the software conveniently.

Web App

The cutting-edge web monitoring app from Flotilla IoT gives customers a comprehensive view of the fleet’s activities. The online app provides access to all vehicle information, including reports and maintenance, as well as the vehicle’s current status. The online application is user-friendly and facilitates quick navigation for novice users.

Simple to Use and Appealing Design

New users can find convenience in an intuitive design with superior aesthetics. The software looks nice because of the great design components and pleasing color mix. The user can easily use the software thanks to its easy design, which also makes it easier to explore its functions.

Flotilla IoT white-label Gps tracking software is an ideal solution for fleet businesses who are looking to sell a customized branded product to their clientele.

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