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For logging into Flotilla IOT, enter the official URL of Flotilla IoT into the address bar.

Login page

⦁ Enter username
⦁ Enter password
⦁ Click on ‘LOGIN button to login to Flotilla IoT successfully.

Remember Me

Flotilla IoT provides a “Remember Me” option on the login page. It means that, after a user has logged in once from a device, he/she can login from the same device without entering ‘Email’ and ‘Password’ again. This access will only be possible if the user does not logout.

Forgot Password

  • Flotilla IOT provides a “Forgot Password” option on the login page.
  • If the user forgets the password, he/she can click on ‘Forgot Password’ button on login page.
  • The user is asked to enter an email address where link is sent to reset password. 
  • After entering email address, press ‘SUBMIT’ button.

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