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Create Binder
  • Click on the Create new button on the top of Binders module.
  • Select Binder type from the menu.
  • Enter the required information related to the Binder.

Binder Name:

  • Enter the Binder name in this option.

Binder ID:

  • Enter the unique Binder ID number in this option.


  • Enter the description of the Binder in this option.

Choose File:

  • You can add an image related to the Binder by clicking on this option.

Expire Date:

  • Enter the expiry date of the Binder here.


  • You can add custom field for the Binder using tags.

Create group

To create a group:

  • Select the groups list and then click on create new button.
  • Enter the name of a new group
  • Enter the description of a group
  • Click on Create new button

The group will be created successfully and displayed in the groups list.

Add Binders in the Group
  • Click on the attachment icon on the Group name.
  • Check the binders that you want to add in the Group. 



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