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Create a Unit

To create a unit:

Click on “Units”

Click on the Create button on the unit’s module

Required information of the unit:


Enter the specific name of the unit. By this name, the unit is shown on the map, in the unit list and some other component.


Enter the unique identification code (ID) for the unit required to identify it by the system.

Port List

Select the port list for a unit.

Extra information related to the unit:


Select the group from the dropdown

Phone number

Enter the phone number of the unit. The phone number should be in the international format.


Enter the model number of the unit.


Enter the contact number of the unit. The contact number should be in the international format.


Select the category for a unit from the dropdown

Attributes of the unit:

Device Password

Set the specific device password.

Time Zone

Select the time Zone of the unit i.e. Asia/Dubai etc.


Enter the speed limit of the unit in km/h.

Click on the Create button.

The Unit will be created successfully and displayed in the units list.

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