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In Flotilla IOT system, units are the most important entity. A unit can be characterized as any type of be moving or stationary object that can be monitored. They are assigned a unique identification code in the system to monitor it efficiently. Two modes of display are available in units i-e. “Units” and “Groups”.

Create Unit

To create a unit:
⦁ Open the Units component by clicking the Units tab name in the main menu.
⦁ Click on create new button.

Enter the required information of the unit


Enter the specific name of the unit. By this name, the unit is shown on the map, in the unit list and some other component.


Enter the unique identification code (ID) for the unit required to identify it by the system.

Device Model

Select the model of the device from the dropdown list.

Enter some extra information related to the unit:

Phone number

Enter the phone number of the unit. The phone number should be in the international format.


Enter the group from which the unit belongs.


Enter the contact number of the unit. The contact number should be in the international format.

Enter the attributes of the unit:

Unit password

Enter the specific password of the unit. Set the specific password of the unit.

Time Zone

Select the time Zone of the unit i.e. Asia/Dubai etc.


Enter the speed limit of the unit in km/h.

Device no data duration:

Set the data duration delay till it is expected.

Click on the Save button

The Unit will be created successfully and displayed in the units list.

Delete Unit

To delete a unit, follow these steps:
⦁ Go to the unit name and click on Delete icon next to unit name in the units list
The Unit will be deleted successfully and will not be displayed in the units list.

Search Unit

⦁ To find the required unit in the units list, use the search field above units list.
⦁ Enter the required unit name in search field and the matching results will display in the list.

Disable Unit

Disabled units are the units that are temporarily unavailable for monitoring. To working with such units is stopped until they are activated. Disabled a unit may be necessary in case it is used, for instance and a limited period of time and does not need to be monitored the rest of the time.

⦁ To disable a unit:
⦁ Click on the unit in the units list
⦁ Select the Basic tab option
⦁ Select the disabled check box and then click on update button.
⦁ The unit will be disabled successfully.

Update unit

To update a unit:
⦁ Click on the unit in the units list
⦁ Select the Basic tab
⦁ Update the unit information that user wants to change like name, ID, unit password etc.
⦁ Click on the update button to save the changes.
The unit information will be updated successfully.

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