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Time Machine

Flotilla IoT provides a unique Time Machine module. Time Machine is a device that permits you to playback the previous travel history of the units for any picked date . You can see every instant of a trip including movements, stops, speedby replaying it.

Time Machine Form

To generate a time machine form:
⦁ Select the date and time range
⦁ Select the unit or multiple units from the units list (User can select multiple units or Select All unit’s option)
⦁ Click on the Submit button.

⦁ At the bottom of the screen, the user will see the time machine settings.
⦁ Users can set various options like playback speed, show tracks, and points on the map, etc. Click on the Play button.
⦁ Users will see unit movement or previous travel history.
⦁ Users can set speed control of unit travel history on the map.

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