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On the monitoring module functionality, users can view the units and groups list, movement of units on the map, notification of units on the map, view details of units, and monitor status changes online, offline, etc.

On the monitoring module, users can change/switch maps by clicking on numbers 1-8 on the map. User can search places on the map and can use zoom in or zoom out options which are available on the map.

Flotilla IoT gives a wide set of options to work with maps, addresses, tags, POIs, geofences, and directions. Following are the options that are given on monitoring tab screen:

Measure distance and area calculator: User can set location from one point to another point to measure the distance or calculate the area.

Geofences: Users can create geofences on the map in the form of different types of circle, polygon, and polyline.

Reference point: Users can set a reference point anywhere by right-clicking on the map to view its coordinates and address.

POI (Points of interest): User can create the places by right clicking on the map as reference points.

Change/Switch Map: User can change/switch maps by clicking on numbers 1-8 on the map.

Themes: User can set or change the themes over the map layer.

Cluster Markers: User can set the cluster markers option on the map.


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