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For login into the Flotilla IoT enter the official URL of Flotilla IoT into the address line of the browser.

On the login page:

Enter username

Enter password

Click on login button

User will login successfully into the system.

Remember Me

Flotilla IoT provides a “Remember Me” functionality on the login page. This means that, after user login, the user will have access from the same machine. This access will be possible until the user does a logout. “Remember Me” feature allows users to store their login information on their local computer, allowing them to skip the login process when coming back again to the Flotilla IoT application.

Forgot Password

Flotilla IoT provides a “Forgot Password” functionality on the login page. If the user forgot the password, the user can click on the forgot password button from the login page. There will be asked to enter an email address. Then press the submit button.

Password Change

Users can change the account password from the user settings option. Click on the user settings in the right corner of the top account and then click on the change password option.

Enter new password

Repeat new password

Enter current password

Click on the change password button Password will change successfully. Now users can login into the system with a new password.

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