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Commands can be assigned according to the operational needs of the fleet. They can be set for the future to keep a smooth operational flow. A user can create, edit, view, or delete commands. Users need to have access right to create, edit, assign, and delete commands, otherwise, users can only view the existing commands.

Assigning Commands

⦁ Click on the CREAT NEW button in commands section.
⦁ Add description and data type of command.
⦁ Check the ‘Send SMS’ checkbox to send SMS alerts for the command.
⦁ Click on CREATE button to create a command.
⦁ Click on CANCEL button to dismiss command.


The maintenance of the units is managed and monitored through this module to ensure a fully functioning fleet. The maintenance deadline of any unit can be set based on different ELOGICs like date, mileage, engine hours etc. A user gets informed about the required maintenance of the unit through alerts.

screen dashboard

Delete Command

To delete a commnad, click on the bin icon next to the command’s name in the list.

Create Maintenance

⦁ Go on ‘Maintenance’ tab and click on CREATE NEW button.
⦁ Add Name of the Maintenace.
⦁ Select the type of the maintenance from the dropdown list.
⦁ Set the starting value in the ‘Start’ option.
⦁ Set the period in KMs.
⦁ Check the ‘Repeat’ checkbox for repetition of the maintenance.
⦁ Click CREATE button to update the new maintenance.


eLogic contains the mathematical and logical operations applied for converting data received from the sensors. The data inputs of different ELOGICs like odometer reading, acceleration, speed etc. can be set according to convenience.
⦁ To create new eLogic, click on the ‘CREATE NEW’ button.
⦁ The eLogics already created appear on the list.
⦁ You can search for any previously created eLogic by typing its name.
⦁ An eLogic can be deleted from the list by clicking on the delete option.
⦁ By clicking on the name of any eLogic, its details will show up.
⦁ The name and the attribute of an eLogic can be set according to requirement.
⦁ The required input value and the data type of an eLogic can be set.
⦁ By clicking the ‘CANCEL’ button, the eLogic will not be updated.
⦁ By clicking on the ‘UPDATE’ button, the eLogic will be updated
⦁ After updating the eLogic, it can be assigned according to the requirement.
⦁ Click on the ‘ASSIGN UNIT’ button to assign eLogic to the selected unit.
⦁ Select the unit from the list and and click on the ‘ASSIGN ELOGIC’ button
⦁ For assigning eLogic to the user, click on the ‘ASSIGN USER’ button,
⦁ Select the user’s name from the list and and click on the ‘ASSIGN ELOGIC’ button.
⦁ The eLogic can be assigned to a group of users by clicking on ‘ASSIGN GROUP’ button.
⦁ Select the group’s name from the options and click on the ‘ASSIGN ELOGIC’ button.

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