Everything You Need To Know About Flotilla Iot Mobile Apps


Everything You Need To Know About Flotilla Iot Mobile Apps

Flotilla IoT is an innovative end-to-end fleet management system designed to facilitate businesses in convenient transportation. It encompasses all the aspects of fleet operations, including vehicle tracking, maintenance, fuel management, driver monitoring, etc. Flotilla IoT offers a simple and easy-to-use design and all the required features to meet the new-age telematics needs. 

One of the most popular features of Flotilla IoT software is mobile monitoring. It is done with the help of two mobile apps, FX tracker and Flotilla IoT. In this blog, we will discuss them in detail. 

FX Tracker:

FX tracker is a real-time vehicle tracking app available for both Android and IOS. It is integrated with the Flotilla IoT software to monitor the location and movement status of the units. You can download the app from Google Play Store and IOS App Store. Although the main functionality of the app is live tracking, it offers some other features that are as follows:

Addition of Unique ID:

Users can add a unique device ID to start sharing the tracking details with the monitoring software. It is essential to add a unique ID to differentiate your device from other devices.

Detach Unique ID:

Users can detach their unique device ID from the FX tracker app by clicking on the ‘Detach Unique ID’ option. Once the device is detached from the FX tracker app, it cannot be tracked anymore. 

Request Unique ID:

Users can also request a unique ID by entering a name, email, phone number, and description. If the unique ID’s request is granted, the tracking of the device is done by that ID.

Map Display:

You can view the location details of all vehicles on the map. By clicking on the map icon, the map can be changed. 

Device Settings:

Users can set the status of a tracking device by clicking on the active/inactive option. They can also manage other settings like location accuracy in this option. 

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Flotilla IoT:

Flotilla IoT is a cross-platform fleet monitoring mobile app providing real-time updates on fleet activity. It is available on both Google Play Store and IOS App Store. Although it does not have the complete functionality of the Flotilla web-based fleet management system, it offers all the integral monitoring features. Let us discuss them in a little detail:

Save Account:

Flotilla IoT offers a ‘Save Account’ option allowing users to access the account from the same device after logging in once. It saves them from entering login details again and again. However, after logging out, they have to log in again. 

User Settings:

Flotilla IoT offers several user settings options like notification settings and feedback. The users can set notifications for a particular activity or event to receive an alert. There is also the option of enabling and disabling the notifications. 

Map Display:

The map display in Flotilla IoT shows the overview of the landmarked locations of the units. You can also change the map type by tapping on the map icon.  

Units Details:

From the complete list to status, you can view all the units’ details in the Flotilla IoT app. You can check the real-time status of the units by refreshing the menu screen. There are various indicators to determine the units’ status. For example, the green circle indicates ‘Online,’ red indicates ‘Offline,’ blue indicates ‘GPS not updated,’ and the grey circle is for ‘Not registered yet.’ You can also view the units’ motion status, including moving, towing, idling, parking, etc. 

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If you have a large number of vehicles and monitoring them simultaneously becomes a problem, Flotilla IoT has a solution. It offers the ‘Groups’ option that allows a user to add multiple units in a group to monitor them at a time. You can name a group and assign units to it. 

Device Details:

Users can view the device details, including ID, model, location, device, and GPS status. As the status of the device changes, users can view it on the screen. 


Users can set notification alerts for different activities and events like Ignition ON/OFF, speeding, and sensor values. They can also view the notification’s history by selecting the notification type. 

Track Details:

The track is an excellent feature in the Flotilla IoT app. It allows the users to view the track history of the units during trips. By selecting the unit, date, and time, the trips list is displayed on the screen. You can choose a trip to view its track on the map from start to endpoint. The green flag indicates the starting point, while the black and white flag indicates the endpoint. 

Flotilla IoT apps are beneficial in providing fleet monitoring to businesses 24/7. They update the managers about the current statuses and location of the units. They may not be the alternative to the Flotilla IoT web-based fleet management system, but they are getting there. 

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