How Fuel Monitor Flotilla fleet GPS tracking system work


How Fuel Monitor Flotilla fleet GPS tracking system work

Fuel consumption accounts for more than one-third of the total expenses of a fleet network. To increase profit, managers must monitor fuel consumption patterns of vehicles in their fleet. Managers need to be aware of the exact amount of fuel input of a car at a particular time. They need to know whereabouts of the gas station from which fuel is inserted in vehicles. They need to see the vehicle fuel level at the start and the end of the trip. They need to be aware of how much mileage a specific vehicle is giving. They need to be instantly alerted in case of any fuel theft. These are some checkpoints that must be fulfilled for managers to increase efficiency and the effectiveness of their fleet networks. The question is, how all this can be achieved. Don’t worry, and Flotilla Fleet Management system provides all these features of fuel monitoring and much more.

Features of Flotilla Fuel Monitoring System
Fuel Tank Control:

The most crucial feature of Flotilla fuel management is fuel tank control. It enables managers to know where, when, and how much fuel is inserted in the vehicle. It helps managers ensure that all the purchased fuel is added to the gas tank. It also sends an alert when refueling is required. This feature gives managers all the necessary information about fuel management and gives them full control to avoid fraudulent activities.

Fuel Theft Protection:

Flotilla application shows a graph of fuel consumption of all vehicles in a fleet. In that graph, if there is a steep decline in the fuel of a car in a short period, it means that fuel theft is underway. Managers, through that graph, can prevent fuel theft by instantly alerting drivers. Moreover, an automatic alert system can also be set up through which automatic alert would be generated to the manager and the driver in case of fuel theft.

Detailed Analysis:

Flotilla offers a detailed monthly analysis of fuel consumption of all vehicles in a fleet. It calculates total fuel consumption, mileage, fuel draining events, and many more. It also helps detect cars that consume more fuel so that proper maintenance can be done. This detailed analysis also helps monitor driver behavior. Moreover, route planning can also be done through this feature, and the terrain on which less fuel is consumed can be chosen.

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Detect refueling from unauthorized gas stations:

If a company finds fuel for a particular gas station to be of low quality, it may ban them from operations. However, if any driver disobeys such instructions and refuels company vehicles from such a gas station, an alert will be generated to inform the manager. This feature offers better management of employees.

Better Driver Management:

Weekly and monthly reports are generated regarding fuel management. Those drivers who drive their vehicles carefully and idle as minimum as possible get better mileage than others. According to these reports, drivers are given ratings through a star-based system. Based on these ratings, managers can provide bonuses for full star drivers. So, this feature makes driver management hell of a lot easier.

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