How GPS tracking helps safeguard assets


How GPS tracking helps safeguard assets

The introduction of GPS tracking was big news for the business sector. It enhanced the probability of safeguarding a company’s assets. Many businesses, including transportation, deployed GPS tracking systems to improve their operations. The improvement in these systems over time resulted in expanding the scope of their applications. More businesses started using them for tracking and safeguarding their assets.

Every company wants to preserve its resources in every possible way and requires a mechanism to do so. GPS technology came as a sigh of relief, helping them keep a check on their assets all the time. It also comes to the rescue in case of theft. In this blog, we will discuss the ways live tracking can help in safeguarding assets. 

What features protect the assets?

The GPS tracking does not come alone; rather, it comes with a lot of other features. Some of them are as follows:

Real-time Tracking:

Every business desires to monitor its valuable assets 24/7. The live tracking helps them do so. A tracking device is installed on the asset to fetch its real-time location. These devices come in different sizes and can be installed on all types of assets. 

In the case of vehicles, GPS tracking systems offer integration with tracking devices. These systems show the location of the car on the map. With real-time tracking, you remain updated about the location of the asset preventing the risk of theft. 

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Alarm Systems:

The GPS tracking solutions come with different types of alarm systems. Some alarms activate on touching the asset, while others set off on a fixed trigger. Either way, alarm systems help a lot in preventing theft. 


Geo-fencing is an innovative technology that is used in different fields for securing assets. It creates a geographical boundary on the map to mark the vicinity of an asset. Whenever the asset breaches this boundary, a notification alert or alarm informs the concerned authorities about it. Thus, quick action can be taken in case of a theft attempt. Geofencing is widely used in telematics solutions to monitor large fleets. 

Point of Interest:

The GPS tracking systems have the feature of marking the critical location as a point of interest (POI) in the map. It allows the authorities to enhance the surveillance of the assets in that specified area. You can mark an area notorious for theft and other crimes as POI in the monitoring software for strict surveillance. It helps a business take all the safety precautions when the asset is in the POI’s vicinity. 

Verification and Identification:

Usually, there are some authorized individuals around an asset. It is essential to ensure that only these people can access the asset, and the verification feature helps do so. For example, the driver identification verifies that the authorized person is driving the vehicle. Therefore, there is a lesser chance of thieves getting behind the wheel to steal or hijack the car. 

Inventory Tracking:

One of the main reasons for asset misplacement and theft is careless record-keeping. If you know the items present in your inventory all the time, there is less chance of discrepancies. Modern GPS tracking systems provide the entire database of the inventory. Whenever an asset is removed or replaced, it is recorded in the software. Thus, efficient monitoring allows you to identify any missing assets immediately. 

Remote Monitoring:

The assets have a risk of theft 24/7, but usually, the supervisors’ work shifts don’t last that long. Therefore, there is a timeslot of weak monitoring that allows the thieves a better chance of stealing. You need a mechanism that will enable surveillance of the assets around the clock. With the availability of remote monitoring apps, you can observe your assets all the time.

The Tracking devices can be integrated with the mobile apps that update you about the real-time asset status. Remote monitoring also helps in immediately countering an emergency. 

The need for securing assets always existed for businesses, but it has become more important with the assets getting more valuable. GPS tracking systems are the most popular choice to prevent asset theft. If you are still confused about the right option for your asset security, the details mentioned above will help you decide.  

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