Flotilla IoT’s Custom reports — Case Study

The vehicle tracking systems are an excellent source for in-depth operational analysis. They are managers’ go-to option for checking performance and efficiency. The monitoring solutions offer reports on different aspects of working, ranging from fuel consumption to […]


The Importance of Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you run a trucking business or a bus service, maintenance is the critical aspect of operations. A well-maintained fleet can help a company achieve profits. Therefore, it should be considered as a priority during operations. The […]


What is Fleet Management

Businesses around the globe use fleet to conduct their operations. Whether you talk about large industries or other small enterprises, everyone needs vehicles for various purposes. There is a need for managing them, which gives rise to […]


How to protect your fleet from accidents

Accidents are a constant threat to fleet business. They put a massive dent on the operations and also have financial repercussions. At times, the crashes can also result in the driver’s death or a lifelong injury. Due […]

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