5 Healthy Habits for Commercial Drivers | Flotilla IoT Fleet Driver Management


5 Healthy Habits for Commercial Drivers | Flotilla IoT Fleet Driver Management

Every profession in the world requires dedication and hard work. Driving is a line of work that demands both these qualities, along with excellent discipline. A lot of multitasking goes into the job, and sometimes meeting the work schedule becomes a problem. However, fleet driver management systems can facilitate drivers to perform their jobs more efficiently. 

If drivers have a healthy lifestyle, it can help them in their professional lives. Let us look at the top five habits that every commercial driver should adopt. 

Eat Light and healthy food:

Due to long working hours, the drivers feel hungry many times during the day. If they eat anything heavy like fast food, they may feel drowsy during the trips declining their productivity. Therefore, it is essential to eat light and healthy food. What is healthy food? That is one question that may arise in the minds of many people. Healthy food is a nutrient-rich food that gives you the energy to get through the day. 

It is best to eat more fruits and vegetables during trips. It will keep you fresh and prevent any digestive issues. Also, take smaller portions of meals or snacks multiple times rather than stocking a massive amount of food at a time.  

Exercise Regularly:

Drivers sit on one seat all day during their work shifts. It can build cholesterol and can affect the blood circulation in the body. Exercise is essential to facilitate the blood flow in the body and the drivers should make it a regular habit. However, it is easier said than done. They have to spend a lot of time on work and hardly find time for any other activity.

It is not necessary to do strenuous exercise; a 15-minute brisk walk is good enough. Another good option is to utilize any free time during the work shift for exercise. Stretching your body or jogging around the parking area during breaks can be a good practice. Due to better blood circulation, the drivers will feel much more active during driving. 

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Take Proper Sleep:

Sleep deprivation is among the biggest causes of road accidents. Drivers without ample sleep have compromised vision and can lose focus easily. After a hectic day of work, it is essential to have uninterrupted sleep. Experts say that commercial fleet drivers must take at least 8 hours of sleep. 

Drivers usually have different work timings, due to which they have pretty irregular sleep patterns. They need to find enough time for rest and sleep for better concentration behind the wheel. Managers need to monitor the drivers’ condition before assigning them trips. Nowadays, fleet management systems have a monitoring feature that helps to keep a close check on the driver’s state.

Stay Away From Stimulants:

The use of different stimulants is widespread in the commercial fleet industry. Due to the hectic work routine, drivers rely on stimulants to keep going. Some drink loads of coffee to remain active while others rely on cigarettes to release stress. These habits may instantly provide relief to the drivers, but they do have their side effects. 

One of the most significant issues with coffee and tea is that they can dehydrate the body. Moreover, stimulants like cigarettes can affect the alertness of the driver and can result in accidents. Therefore, it is best to remain in your natural state while driving to get the best possible outcomes. 

Allocate Time for Recreation:

The human body can take a limited amount of stress. Under unbearable pressure, it is more likely to develop health issues. Keeping this fact in mind, the drivers should take some time out to relax. Find some recreation during your hectic routine to give yourself a break. It may include anything that excites you, or you love doing. For example, try out new food, play a sport, or engage in friendly conversations with your colleagues. 

As driver management software holds great significance in the productivity of fleet operations, their well-being is paramount. Businesses try to facilitate them to enhance their efficiency. From deploying smart fleet management systems to direct communication, all the possible measures are taken. However, the drivers’ lifestyle is most important in determining their performance. Following the habits mentioned above can help them in their personal and professional life. 

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