What makes Flotilla IoT vehicle tracking system stand out?

vehicle tracking system stand out

What makes Flotilla IoT vehicle tracking system stand out?

Flotilla IoT has been a reliable name in the telematics world for the past ten years. Different businesses, including delivery, car rental, and various industries, opt for its vehicle tracking system. What is the reason behind that? Flotilla IoT has made its mark by providing advanced solutions to optimize fleet operations. It has incorporated the latest telematics technology into its software to provide automation.

Many fleet management service providers are available in the market right now. Due to the vast number of options at disposal, businesses choose the best of the lot. What makes Flotilla IoT worth choosing? In this blog, we will try to find the answer to this question.

Factors That Give Flotilla Iot an Edge over Its Competitors:

Flotilla IoT has been able to achieve in 10 years what its competitors haven’t been able to get in much longer time than that. The reasons responsible for that are as follows:

Innovative Features:

Flotilla IoT provides a wide array of innovative features. Whether you talk about hassle-free tracking or efficient reporting, it offers everything. All of its modules are designed to facilitate every aspect of fleet operations. There is less reliance on conventional features and more on providing out-of-the-box solutions.

In addition to the common features like real-time monitoring, the Flotilla IoT vehicle tracking system offers something extra to its clients. Some of its unique and goal-driven modules are as follows:

  • Vehicle: All the details of the vehicles can be stored to fetch them whenever required. 
  • Trailer: Trailer is an independent entity used for tracking the luggage carriers. 
  • Trash: It keeps the backup of deleted entities to prevent their immediate deletion.
  • Time Machine: User can be replay trips with their starting and ending location on the map. 
  • Events: Create customized events to receive real-time notifications. 
  • Commands: Send customized commands to the tracking device to perform various functions. 
  • Maintenance: Compile a maintenance schedule to keep track of the service and repair needs. 
  • eLogic: Convert undesirable inputs into desirable ones by applying different arithmetic and logical operations. 
  • Dlogs: Complete record of the data sent from the device is available in the Dlogs. 

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Better Understanding of Customer Needs:

Flotilla IoT has a knack for understanding the requirements of the clients. With a team of professionals having ample telematics experience, there is an awareness of the latest market demands and trends. Thus, every aspect of the software helps clients to automate operations and increase productivity. 

Availability of Best Hardware:

Finding a good device is as difficult as finding an efficient tracking software. However, Flotilla IoT solves both the issues of the clients in one place. With several hardware partners, it offers an extensive range of choices in devices. 

All these devices, coupled with the efficient vehicle tracking system, can ensure the desired results for fleet businesses. Due to this reason, there is a huge demand amongst the clients as it provides quality and convenience together. 

Excellent Customer Service:

Customer service is the backbone of any business and without it there is no chance of finding sustainable clients. Flotilla IoT is aware of this fact and provides the best customer service possible. Therefore, everything is taken care of from answering the queries to offering demos to the new clients. The customer service is active 24/7 to ensure timely assistance. 

Great ROI:

The ultimate objective of every fleet business for using a tracking solution is to enhance their profitability. With Flotilla IoT, there is an assurance of an excellent return on investment. When everything happens in an organized manner ranging from route planning to vehicle dispatch, more output can be achieved. It allows the businesses to enhance their productivity and eventually profitability. 

Flotilla IoT has become a reliable vehicle tracking system within the last ten years due to its excellent service. It has achieved a vast clientele across the globe due to its ability to deliver on its promises. If you are also searching for an efficient tracking solution to streamline your fleet operations, book a demo today. 

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