Protect your Employees with Real-Time Live GPS Tracking Solution


Protect your Employees with Real-Time Live GPS Tracking Solution

All the businesses dealing with a large group of vehicles (also referred to as ‘unit’) requires a highly vigilant workforce. There are many aspects to consider, and a highly efficient mechanism is needed for seamless running of daily affairs Feet operations always involve an element of risk. It is possible to minimize this uncertainty regarding drivers’ well-being with the help of a fleet management system.

Companies around the globe welcomed the Vehicle Tracking Systems with open arms. They have not only solved the operational concerns but also ensure vehicle and driver’s protection. Modern telematics platforms are coming with more innovative features to make the security aspect more foolproof.  

This blog will cater to the different ways through which a GPS Vehicle Tracker protects the drivers of a company.

What protection and assistance a fleet management system offers to employees?

The live GPS trackers offer fleet security and driver safety in many ways and some of them are as follows:

Avoiding Accidents:

Accidents are a big nuisance for companies. They not only cause a lot of monetary damage but are also a constant threat to the drivers’ wellbeing. The advancements in automobile technology have not been able to avoid the technical glitches that cause crashes. Keeping this factor in mind, the companies rely on state-of-the-art telematics solutions to assist drivers during trips. These systems act as a co-pilot for the drivers helping them to navigate through the road safely. 

Theft Protection:

Vehicle theft is a highly dangerous factor in fleet operations. In addition to the loss of an asset, life-threatening situations also emerge on such occasions. An efficient live GPS tracking mechanism that can monitor the movement of a unit round the clock can help prevent theft. In addition to that, in case of theft, the situation can be encountered in a much better fashion ensuring recovery. 

Fuel Management:

Fueling is one of the most important aspects of managing a fleet. If the timely fueling is not done, it can cause a lot of inconvenience to the drivers. While dealing with large automobiles, an empty fuel tank means trouble as it is really hard to arrange a towing vehicle in such a scenario. With the help of an efficient GPS tracking system, the drivers can remain fully aware of their fueling needs and avoid unwanted emergencies. 

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How a GPS tracking system protects employees?
Live Monitoring:

The live monitoring feature of the fleet management system is not only a big relief for the companies but also ensures drivers ‘safety. A GPS tracker fetches the run-time data which tells the managers regarding its current location and status. When the managers are aware of every vehicle’s status, they can detect any anomalous activity quickly offering vehicle and driver protection.

GPS navigation helps a great deal in countering theft. The real-time location of the vehicle is always traceable helping in its recovery. In case of a crash, the manager gets the timely notification. It helps in the quick rescue and recovery procedure.


While handling a large group of automobiles, it is critical to have a mechanism that keeps you updated about the movement status. It is hard for managers to monitor every unit by themselves through live GPS tracking. The geofencing is an innovative development in the world of telematics. It has immensely enhanced the scope of fleet management. Allocating the route of every individual vehicle can streamline daily operations and offer convenience to the managers.

The managers can assign a specific area to drivers for travelling. They can detect any deviation from the route through monitoring software. With the help of real-time notifications, the manager is informed about a unit entering or leaving the geofence. The timely alerts keep the managers one step ahead and they can counter emergency scenarios better. In addition to that, the efficient route planning makes job convenient for drivers resulting in more productivity. 


Long-overdue maintenance is the cause of many accidents. Despite the efficiency and competence of the drivers, a compromised vehicle is always a liability while driving. Modern telematics solutions offer a compact mechanism to gauge the health of every vehicle. A threshold value for different parameters like engine hour, mileage etc. can be set to identify the maintenance needs. 

On crossing the threshold, a notification alert informs the manager of the required maintenance. When the maintenance of all the units is done on the proper time, there is a lesser risk of technical glitches while driving ensuring the driver’s safety. 

Driver Verification:

A fleet management software verifies the identity of the drivers daily. Before starting the trip, every driver verifies themselves through various methods like thumb impression or face recognition. Due to this foolproof mechanism, chances for vehicle theft or hijacking are pretty slim. 

Live GPS Trackers are lifesavers!

The scope of a fleet management system has expanded from just operational efficacy to vehicle and driver safety. Due to the extensive set of features, these systems not only contribute to the daily working but also ensure the protection of the drivers. 

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