Flotilla IoT Personal Tracking System


Flotilla IoT Personal Tracking System

Flotilla offers a personal tracking system that both managers and leading operating software can monitor the location of vehicles at all times. Our tracking device is a state-of-the-art technology that combines both active and passive tracking abilities. It sends data to the server directly when a cellular network is available.

When the network is not available, our device stores that data in its internal memory and transmits it later when the network becomes accessible. This way, no part of the journey of any vehicle goes un-tracked. Our device’s tracking system ensures safety against vehicle theft, provides the utmost security, and makes fleet management much more convenient. 

How does the Flotilla Personal Tracking system work?

In our vehicle tracking system, GPS technology is used, which has two main components: GPS satellites and GPS Flotilla Device. GPS satellites act as signal transmitters, whereas the Flotilla Device mounted on the vehicle acts as a signal receiver.

These satellites continuously send signals to flotilla devices, which in turn provide the exact vehicle location at all times through a phenomenon known as Trilateration. Without going into any further technicalities, it must be noted that our company tracking devices ensure not only continuous personal tracking but also provide advanced capabilities to control vehicles and transmit other vehicle information as well.

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Benefits of Personal Tracking Feature of Flotilla IoT:

Vehicle Theft Prevention:

Traditional car alarms often prove to be inadequate while protecting the vehicle from theft. A personal tracking system is a must to ensure the absolute safety of a car. In case of any unverified movement of the vehicle, an automatic alarm is turned on.

Moreover, this personal tracking system makes it possible to control the vehicle remotely, including turning off the engine or blocking the door in case of any theft or emergency. So, the utmost benefit of our tracking device is that it provides personal tracking features that ensure vehicle theft prevention to the maximum extent.

Vehicle management:

It is tough for business organizations to manage their automobiles properly. For instance, if a small-scale company has 100 vehicles on different routes, it becomes very problematic to keep track of them. For such companies, the vehicle tracking system is highly recommended.

Through this highly integrated system, managers can keep track of all their automobiles on all routes.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Flotilla IoT uses GPSVT (Global Positioning System Vehicle Tracking) technology. It is more advanced than standard tracking systems in a way that it provides not only an accurate location but also sends other vehicle data continuously.

That data plays a pivotal role in the timely maintenance of automobiles. That data includes battery level, engine hours, odometer value, unit temperature, ignition status, and many more. Through continuous monitoring of this data, maintenance of vehicles can be done in a timely and proper fashion.

Safety Assurance:

The safety of automobiles, as well as drivers, can be ensured through the Flotilla vehicle Tracking device. The speed limit can be set, and if that limit is breached, managers are informed instantly through an alert system. Moreover, alarms are triggered upon reckless driving.

Furthermore, the temperature of the vehicle is also continuously monitored. Hence, through the Flotilla personal tracking system, safety is assured to the maximum level.

Route Optimization:

Another benefit of a personal tracking system is that it gives the most fuel-efficient and time-saving route to the drivers. Eventually, this reduces cost as well as the expenditure of managers and keeps the wear and tear of vehicles to a minimum.

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