How Geofencing is important for Vehicle Tracking


How Geofencing is important for Vehicle Tracking

It is a general misconception that fleet management only provides a Geofencing vehicle tracking system. In reality, there is so much more to offer. One such feature is geofencing, which is most often underutilized. Geofencing is a technological advancement in the Flotilla fleet management system through which a virtual geographical boundary is created through GPS.

Whenever the marked vehicle enters or leaves that predefined boundary, an alert is generated to inform the manager. It is as easy to draw such a digital edge for our customers as it is to search for any location on Google Maps.

Geofencing may be done in the workplace, warehouse, home, or any other area required by our customers. It has many applications such as providing security, helping in the management of vehicle networks, enhancing efficiency, preventing vehicles from entering overlapping territories, saving time, and eliminating off-hour use of company automobiles.

So, whether Flotilla trackers are acquired for personal use or professional, geofencing should be utilized because it will make vehicle management a hell of a lot easier.

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Applications of Geofencing
1. Recovery of Stolen Vehicle through geofencing

If there is an unauthorized movement of a vehicle in or out of the geofenced area, an instant alert is generated through which relevant authorities can be informed in time. Through this application, the probability of recovery of the stolen automobile is enhanced manifold.

2. Better supervision of fleet with geofencing

Geofencing provides managers with accurate information regarding the whereabouts of their fleet. Whenever a vehicle enters the geofenced area to make a delivery or to pick carriage, and when it leaves, the manager gets instantly notified. Moreover, in the case of a large number of fleets operating in a complex network, geofencing enhances efficiency and prevents vehicles from entering overlapping zones.

Through this feature, managers can supervise their fleet much better and enhance the entire fleet network’s efficiency.

3. Prohibition of off-hour use of company vehicles

 A company does not allow personal use of cars, geofencing can monitor and implement that rule properly. For instance, any area where the vehicle is parked can be geofenced, and if that vehicle moves out of that boundary during off-hours, the manager can be informed instantly through the alert system. This way, managers can efficiently prevent unauthorized personal use of company automobiles.

Prevention of vehicles from entering overlapping territories

If multiple vehicles are operating in different zones, geofencing can prevent them from entering into each other territories. The operating area of cars can be geofenced in such a way that no two regions overlap. This way, an alarm would be triggered if any vehicle enters the operating area of another one. Hence, through geofencing, all vehicles can operate in their respective territories.

Enhanced quality of communication

Fleet Managers not using geofencing need to confirm manually pick and drop all shipments. This routine becomes very hectic and can cause miscommunication at many levels. The best solution to this problem also lies in geofencing.

Flotilla IoT offers end-to-end GPS tracking software for cars that facilitates every step of fleet operations. From monitoring the status and location of the vehicles to maintenance and reporting, we provide everything.

Through this feature, all the information on job sites is conveyed to managers through a computer-generated alert system.  

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