How Vehicle Tracking Software Protects Your Car?


How Vehicle Tracking Software Protects Your Car?

Modern technology solves the concerns of safety a great deal. With the introduction of innovative platforms like fleet Vehicle Tracking software, car owners have gotten a huge sigh of relief. They now have the luxury to monitor every activity status of their vehicle anytime they want. Moreover, new advancements are also revolutionizing the concept of security and have shrunken the probability of theft.

Everybody dreams of owning a fast and efficient vehicle that can get them to places in a quick time. Amongst all kinds of vehicles, cars are the most reliable and convenient mode of transport. Buying a car is not the difficult part, keeping one is. Owners need to consider many things from maintenance to security.

In this blog, we will discuss vehicle tracking software and the ways it protects cars.

What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

A vehicle tracker system is a mechanism that provides tracking and monitoring 24/7 by using radio navigation technology. Various satellite systems are used for navigation including GPS, GLONASS, and COMPASS-BEIDOU-2. They provide instantaneous data about the real-time status and also offer the tracking history. In addition to that, other types of information like speed, route, stopping, and idling are also receivable through telematics software.

How a Tracking System Works?

A tracker system uses a device for fetching data through GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to be displayed on telematics software. A mathematical principle named ‘Trilateration’ is responsible for estimating the positioning of the device. It happens by using different satellite systems in space like GPS (Global Positioning System) that detect the geographic location. Thus, it becomes possible to detect the real-time position of the objects.

After attaching a tracker to the vehicle, all its activities including engine on/off, speed, the route can be monitored in real-time. Different businesses dealing with a large number of vehicles employ a fleet management system that uses GPS data for its operations.

  Different Ways a Tracker System Can Protect Your Car:

Although the scope of a vehicle tracking system is a lot more than just protection, however, following are some ways through which it can secure your car:

Keeping You Aware of Your Car’s Real-Time Activity:

The biggest benefit of having a GPS tracker is that it helps monitor the real-time activity of your car. With the help of a tracking device, different information like engine status, movement, speed, and direction are available on a telematics system. Thus, the runtime updates on your car activity can keep you fully aware of any anomalous behavior minimizing the risks of theft.

For big fleets where there are a large number of vehicles, a real-time monitoring feature comes in really handy. All the vehicles within the fleet have GPS devices attached to them to detect their position. These devices share data that is usually displayed through a fleet management system. It not only provides real-time activity status but also keeps the tracking history of every individual vehicle.

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Monitoring the Driver’s Performance:

At times a lapse of concentration on the part of the driver can result in serious consequences. Whether you have to deal with a large fleet or own a private vehicle, there is a need to keep the driver’s performance in check. Getting a Tracking system can help ensure that your driver is doing fine. From speed to braking, every aspect of driving can be gauged through a tracking system.

When the drivers are also aware of the monitoring, they tend to drive safely following all the traffic rules. This keeps the risks to the minimum preventing the probability of accidents.


Geofencing vehicle tracking has been a great milestone in the world of telematics and modern car trackers employ it for various applications. It designates a specific area for the movement of the car and the telematics software identifies any deviation from it. Moreover, the latest platforms allow the user to set various types of notification alerts for entering and leaving the geo-fence. This way, one can get updates regarding the vehicle’s movement 24/7 and crucial time can be saved in case of an emergency preventing a big loss.

Tracker Systems have made life easy!

After the introduction of live tracking functionality in telematics, the scope of vehicle protection and security has widened. From personal to business usage of vehicles, the life of owners has become a lot easier due to the convenient navigation and monitoring features. They now have the luxury to keep an eye on their car while on the move from any remote location through a car tracker app. The ever-evolving functionalities of fleet management software are a great sign and the future of telematics and vehicle security looks pretty bright.

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