How to enhance fleet fuel efficiency


How to enhance fleet fuel efficiency

The fleet businesses have a lot of aspects to consider. From inventory management to monitoring daily trips, there is a lot to do. A lot of resources are required to run the day-to-day operations smoothly. Out of all of such resources, fuel is probably the most vital one. Without the availability of an ample amount of fueling, daily operations cannot continue.

Every company has a goal of achieving ultimate fuel efficiency. How to do it? That is one question that arises in everyone’s head. In this blog, we will discuss the various ways to improve the fuel efficiency of a fleet. 

Training Drivers:

A driver is the captain of the ship in fleet operations and has a massive impact on the overall business outcome. Therefore, every company desires an efficient team of drivers that can help them achieve business targets. However, finding such drivers is easier said than done. There are always certain professional areas that require improvement. It can be done through proper training and guidance. 

Conducting a driver training program is a common practice now. From fuel-efficient driving to handling emergencies like accidents or theft, drivers need to learn about everything. A well-trained group of drivers not only saves a lot of fuel expense but also ensures safety. Therefore, it is advisable to allocate a budget for driver training as it has long-term benefits. 

Focus on preventive maintenance:

The vehicle’s health is a vital aspect to consider for a fleet manager. Without it, productivity will drop, and there is also a risk of accidents. So, it is essential to do the regular maintenance of the vehicles to keep their condition good. As a manager, make it your habit of conducting routine vehicle inspections to ensure that everything is fine. It would be best to look for leaks, corrosion, and other factors that can affect efficiency.

One thing to keep in mind is to execute preventive maintenance before it becomes due. The reason for doing so is to ensure that vehicle’s service is done before any damage happens. With the help of fleet management software, managers can set maintenance reminders for various aspects. From engine oil to tires, they can activate notification alerts for all maintenance needs, ensuring a healthy fleet.

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Use a Fleet management system:

A fleet management system is the once and for all solution to all managerial needs. It covers all the areas of operations, from vehicle monitoring to staff management. These solutions monitor the fuel level of vehicles in real-time. With the consumption of fuel, the monitoring platform shows the levels dropping. This way, the manager can gauge daily consumption and detect any leaks immediately. 

The latest fleet management system use various sensors to detect the driver’s behavior during trips. If the driver crosses the speed limit or takes sharp turns, the sensors will show it on the software. Therefore, rash driving can be detected, and the manager can hold the driver accountable for it. With the fear of accountability, drivers will try to drive carefully, resulting in efficiency. In addition to that, these systems also help preventing accidents.

Pay Attention to every factor:

Usually, the casual approach by the drivers is responsible for excessive gas consumption. The little things that are taken for granted can result in a substantial financial loss for the business. For example, the trunk’s extra weight can put more pressure on the engine, resulting in more consumption. Air Conditioner (AC) usage also consumes fuel; therefore, use it only if necessary.

Like keeping the fuel tanks’ cap on and wheel alignment, several other factors can also result in wastage of fuel. Also, the route taken can also have a significant impact on consumption. For example, if the path is uneven or slippery, the engine uses more fuel.  Therefore, a manager needs to consider all these aspects to minimize usage. 

Use fuel cards:

A fuel card is an excellent product to solve fueling worries. It provides a quick fueling mechanism where the drivers can gas up their tanks with one swipe. These cards have various reporting tools that provide data on the gas consumption of vehicles. It saves the managers from administrative problems like making fueling receipts as everything is available in one place. The companies can integrate card data with a fleet management system for automating operations. 

The managers can analyze the consumption trends of all the vehicles and identify the loopholes. With valuable insights, the company can remove inefficiencies, saving a lot of expense. 

The fleet fuel efficiency is the goal of every business, regardless of its scale and scope. The company needs to address all the areas that can be responsible for excessive consumption. By following the guidelines mentioned above, any business can control its fuel expense and enhance profitability.

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