How Flotilla IoT Fleet Management Systems Help in Heavy Equipment Monitoring?


How Flotilla IoT Fleet Management Systems Help in Heavy Equipment Monitoring?

All types of businesses use heavy equipment whether we talk about the construction sector or different types of industries. Monitoring the equipment efficiently enables a business to get the most output from it. Modern fleet management systems like Flotilla IoT are custom-built to keep a check on all the aspects of heavy machinery. From tracking real-time location to monitoring fuel consumption and engine hours, everything can be checked through Flotilla IoT. 

In this blog, we will discuss the different ways in which Flotilla IoT helps in the complete monitoring of heavy equipment. 

Realtime Tracking:

Flotilla IoT comes with a binder module that monitors detachable luggage carriers. Using a unique ID, a luggage carrier can be attached to a vehicle.

The movement of the luggage carrier can be monitored on the map. In this way, the remote monitoring of assets is available. 

With live location tracking, fleet managers can get updates on the whereabouts of the machinery. They can view the real-time location on the map with the address and coordinates. Security features like geofencing, alarm sensors, and real-time alerts give a heads-up before any unfortunate event. It helps the managers to anticipate an emergency and respond aptly. 

Engine Hour Monitoring:

Whether you have a generator or any construction equipment, you can monitor their engine hours efficiently with the Flotilla IoT fleet management systems. The engine hours of every individual asset can be seen in the Monitoring and Units module. The Dashboard shows the top 10 units with the most engine hours in the last 24 hours. 

Flotilla IoT also offers two types of engine hour reports including a Detailed and a Summary report. The Detailed report provides the engine’s starting/ending time, running duration, idle time, working time, etc. Moreover, a pie graph shows the duration and percentage of idling and work. By keeping a check and balance on the working of the equipment, you can achieve maximum output. 

Fuel Consumption:

From generators to construction machinery, fuel monitoring is one of the most critical aspects of heavy equipment. Flotilla IoT allows you to keep a strict check on your fuel levels ensuring better efficiency. You can monitor fuel levels in real-time and generate reports to check consumption trends. In the engine hours-based fuel consumption reports, you can view the fuel spent against the running duration. 

In Flotilla IoT, real-time notifications for fuel levels, filling, and drainage are available keeping you fully informed regarding fuel updates. With complete control over the fuel consumption of your equipment, you can take measures that can help save fuel costs in the future. 

Maintenance Scheduling: 

Heavy equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. Flotilla IoT can track equipment usage and provide maintenance reminders based on Mileage Engine Hours, and Date. By proactively scheduling maintenance tasks, fleet managers can minimize downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce repair costs.

Performance Analytics: 

Flotilla IoT provides detailed reports and analytics on equipment performance. These analytics can include data on fuel consumption, operating hours, maintenance costs, and productivity metrics. By analyzing this information, fleet managers can identify trends, spot inefficiencies, make informed decisions regarding equipment upgrades or replacements, and optimize overall fleet performance.

Flotilla IoT fleet management system offers comprehensive visibility and control over heavy equipment. It enables fleet managers to monitor equipment location, usage, maintenance needs, and performance. By leveraging the data and insights provided by such a system, fleet managers can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and prolong the lifespan of their heavy equipment.

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