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Fleet performance
How to Analyze Fleet Performance Using Reports

In any business, accountability can be pivotal in pushing individuals to perform best. It can make them become more vigilant during work, ensuring lesser wastage of time. A fleet business is not any different and calls for a strict check

gps tracking system work
How Does A GPS Tracking System Work?

GPS technology was a massive breakthrough in the technology world. It created a huge buzz globally when the masses came to know of this innovative technology. Nowadays, it is the center of many modern solutions like fleet management systems. Telematics

Major Causes of Fleet Accidents

Tired Driving: Due to long working hours, the drivers tend to get sleep deprived and tired causing them to lose focus. Distractions: Drivers get easily distracted during driving with different forms of distractions like cellphones, passengers, birds, other vehicles etc.

Reduce Fleet Insurance
5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Insurance Costs

Nowadays, insurance is the need of every fleet business. It offers the company protection in case of any mishap. Whether you talk about a crash or theft, insurance can cover all the damages. An insurance policy for vehicles is a

5 Signs Indicating
5 Signs Indicating the Need for a Fleet Management System

The introduction of fleet management systems had a massive impact on the transportation business. With innovative features like GPS tracking, the managers have the luxury of knowing the vehicles’ location all the time. The reporting helps gauge the performance of

Commercial Drivers
5 Healthy Habits for Commercial Drivers

Every profession in the world requires dedication and hard work. Driving is a line of work that demands both these qualities, along with an excellent discipline. A lot of multitasking goes into the job, and sometimes meeting the work schedule

flotilla iot logo
Why your fleet business needs remote monitoring?

The fleet monitoring is a 24/7 job. Usually, for companies, it comes to a halt when the manager’s work shift ends. An established business has the luxury to hire multiple managers with different shifts to monitor activities round the clock.

Buying Fleet Vehicles
Leasing vs. Buying Fleet Vehicles: The Pros and the Cons

Starting a fleet business is not a run of the mill venture. You need to have a thorough understanding of every aspect beforehand. You have to make many important decisions, from deciding the budget and scope to choosing fleet management

white label gps tracking software
Features and Benefits of White Label GPS Tracking Software

Fleet business is progressing so fast with innovations emerging regularly after some time. White labelling is one such trending service in the telematics industry these days. It gives businesses the option to use tracking software with customized branding. From logo

gps tracking assets
How GPS tracking helps safeguard assets

The introduction of GPS tracking was big news for the business sector. It enhanced the probability of safeguarding a company’s assets. Many businesses, including transportation, deployed GPS tracking systems to improve their operations. The improvement in these systems over time