How Flotilla IoT Binders Module Can Help Your Business?

Flotilla IoT Binders Module

How Flotilla IoT Binders Module Can Help Your Business?

The operational requirements of commercial fleets are increasing day by day. It gives rise to the need for a platform that can cover all aspects of operations. Flotilla IoT is designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of fleet businesses. It keeps on updating its features to cater to the growing market trends. ‘Binders’ is a newly introduced module of Flotilla IoT and we will discuss it in detail in this blog. 

What is a Binders Module?

The Binders module is used for the verification and identification of detachable entities like Trailers, Bin, and Passenger. Each Binder contains a unique ID which helps in its identification. A picture of the Binder can also be attached for recordkeeping purpose.

Types of Binders:

There are three types of Binders available:


A Trailer is a detachable luggage carrier that can be connected to a truck or pickup. It is considered an independent entity in the platform which has a unique ID for verification. By punching the unique ID, the trailer can be attached to a unit and its movement can be monitored concerning that.


  • The Trailer can be used to monitor remote assets. Any moveable asset can be loaded onto the trailer and after attaching it to a vehicle, the movement of the asset can be tracked through the Flotilla IoT app.


Bin is introduced specifically for waste management business which involves attaching and detaching a waste bin with vehicles on regular basis. It provides complete assistance to monitor the waste management operations from picking up the waste to dumping it. When a Bin ID is punched with a vehicle, a notification is triggered informing the manager about it. If the bin is attached to a new vehicle after dumping waste, it can also be notified through the Flotilla IoT system.


  • Waste management businesses can monitor their operations efficiently with end-to-end assistance. With real-time notifications about attachment/detachment of Bins, location, speeding, idling, and parking, the drivers and staff are bound to be more vigilant. Due to this strict monitoring, the operations will run smoothly resulting in more productivity. 


Passengers can be any staff that is riding the vehicle with the driver and their identification can be done through a unique ID. Whenever a passenger gets into the vehicle, he/she can punch their ID on the vehicle for identification. After the passenger’s unique ID is attached to a vehicle, their movement can be monitored concerning that vehicle through the Flotilla IoT system. Whenever the passenger is changed, the user can receive a notification for it. 


  • Managers can monitor the daily activities of their staff to ensure that they are at work throughout the day. As every worker will have their Unique ID, it ensures that only the authorized personnel can enter the vehicle. Moreover, notifications for passenger change can also be received resulting in foolproof security.

Binders’ Groups:

You can create separate groups for Trailer, Bin, and Passenger in which you can add specific entities. For example, you can categorize Trailers and Bins based on weight capacity and passengers can be grouped based on their department. 


  • Binders’ groups enable managers to manage operations more efficiently. Moreover, by categorizing different entities separately, monitoring them becomes much easier and quicker. 

The Flotilla IoT Binders module provides fleet business leverage to run operations smoothly and safely. It enables companies to streamline their operations and achieve better productivity and profitability. 

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