Queclink Wireless Solutions – The leading supplier of M2M devices and solutions. 

Queclink is a leading supplier of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and solutions. Queclink brings together an experienced team from both the wireless module industry and service operator side, for a complete understanding of the M2M business. We offer ready-made products for automotive tracking, fleet management, tracking & tracing, lone worker safety, mobile health care, remote monitoring and control of any assets, and wireless alarms to cover most popular applications via the Internet. Owing to our dedicated engineers who have extensive experience with 2G & 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID& NFC and other wireless connectivity, and our international customer support team, we ensure that our products are integrated in a smooth and timely manner for your business.

Queclink’s mission is to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable products and solutions that meet our customers’ different application requirements in the Internet of Things.  It is also Queclink’s mission to continuously create and innovate technology and solutions that bring to reality many of the application dreams of the Internet of Things.

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