Navtelecom LLC was established at 2007 year. The team is based on engineers who previously had experience in creating sophisticated technical devices in the field of vehicle monitoring, space navigation, radar, and industrial automation systems.

 We understand the exceptional promise of telematics, that is why we decided to focus the main efforts on developing and manufacturing equipment for vehicle GLONASS / GPS monitoring, real-estate GSM-security and wireless video surveillance. Soon, direction for the development of software and supply of transport and real estate monitoring service for final consumers was formed. Such complex approach allowed, on the one hand, to offer ready decisions to the consumers, and, from the other, – to grant business-partners an opportunity of construction of their own integrated systems with use of our products and technologies.

 At the present time, the emphasis is on the production of vehicle GLONASS / GPS-monitoring equipment. Today our products are well-known on the market of satellite monitoring systems in the professional community environment.

 The main value of our Company is its employees, their experience and knowledge. Our team is a command of highly qualified professionals: radio engineers, programmers, designers, graduated scientists, technical workers. The company has all necessary conditions for the professional growth of employees and their creative implementation.

 The company is equipped with the most modern computing equipment, measuring devices, mounting tools, soldering equipment, test benches. We carefully select manufacturers and suppliers of electronic components and materials for production of our equipment. All stages of contract manufacturing are carried out at Russian enterprises and controlled by our specialists. The main server equipment of the company is located in the largest Russian data centers.

 Our company has repeatedly participated in specialized international exhibitions and forums, the company’s products were honoured with diplomas and awards.

 We look confidently in the future and will be glad to see you among our users or business partners.

The scope of the company’s products:

  • vehicle monitoring, dispatch centers, automated vehicle control systems.
  • vehicle safety and security, security-search systems.

Business directions of the company:

  • development and production of transport monitoring equipment based on GLONASS, GPS and GSM.
  • supply of WEB-monitoring of transport and real estate services.
  • development and implementation of software for equipping remotes centralized monitoring of real estate.
  • development and implementation of software for equipping dispatch centers for monitoring and managing transport.
  • development of software and hardware systems according to the customer’s specifications, participation in research and development.
  • development and support of auxiliary Internet services for the equipment produced.
  • service and repair of the equipment produced;
  • technical customer support, consulting and training for business partners.


 We create simple and affordable telematics systems for the safety and comfort of people, as well as the optimization of business processes.

 We strive to offer our customers and business partners the best products and services, become the leader in the telematics market and strengthen the reputation of a reliable company.

Main components of successful business in the telematics market:

  • innovation and introduction of advanced technology.
  • united and highly professional personnel team.
  • the fastest market entry with new products and services with the best price/quality ratio.

Values of the Company:

  • professional team, creative realization of personality in a team.
  • focus on achieving the final result.
  • focus on business development, improvement of the company’s management system, introduction of advances technologies.
  • effective planning of current and future work, a clear delineation of employee responsibility.
  • friendly atmosphere in the team.
  • initiative, ingenuity and enterprise.
  • adaptability to market requirements and external factors.
  • careful attention to consumers and business partners.
  • respect for competitors.

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