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How dose facility management software will work

Facility Manager

facility Management software allow facility manager to view the graphical representation of Bills, Payments, Consumption and Move in Move out. It’s can be replaceable accounting to Facility manager requirement.

Facility Manager is able to check the premises unpaid bills for the current month or year and the total number of empty and occupied premises in a building.

Property Manager
Facility Services Facility Services

Facility Services

Facility services with different platforms will show which of the premises have the most consumption.

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Generate Building Bills

The Generate Building Bills section from where Facility manager can generate Bills. In facility Management system portal facility manger can generate bills account to two diffrent farmulas.

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Necessary Data

After Providing the first necessary data, a sample of excel file will be provided for the Premises Bill by clicking the Download Button in the section. The Premises ID. Premises number, last bull date, area, Declared Load, and Last Meter Reading will be automatically caculated and set by the system. But Facility manager need to enter Current mere Reading. The services will only be fill up if the tenant used other utilities or extra services, it will be charge against every bill. These services field are optional.

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