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In the Advance tab of the unit’s options, the trip detector is configured in the Units. Trip detector is used to detect movement intervals like trips and idling (stops).

Movement Detection

Flotilla IOT provided two main methods to detect movement:

GPS speed

It can be applied to any device type and configuration.

Engine ignition sensor

It is used for the units that have ignition sensor.

Detection of Movement States

Minimal No Data Duration (Seconds):

Set the minimal no data duration for the beginning of the journey after which the trip is detected. i.e. user can set 600 seconds minimal no data duration.

Minimal Parking Duration (Seconds):

Set the minimal parking duration (seconds) which is the time for which unit must be motionless to register this as a parking. This option allows you to include stops (in traffic) in a trip.

Minimal Trip Duration (Seconds):

Set the minimal trip duration in second which is the minimum time limit of travelling after which the trip is detected. User can set the minimum trip duration (Seconds) i.e. 60 seconds to avoid/exclude such cases from trips etc.

Minimal Trip Distance (Meter):

It indicates the minimum distance after which trip is detected. It is advisable no to set distance too small as any slight movement of the unit would be considered as a trip.

Speed Threshold (km/h):

Set the speed threshold in km/h of a unit which is the lower speed limit after which the movement is detected as a trip.

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