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This module functionality allows owner to give an access to the users. An owner has the full access to the main account.

The privileges are established primarily by the owner in the CMS panel application. However, some features can be available to the end user. Any users of the Flotilla IoT, including any types of roles, can be privileges holders.

When owner create a user, owner can grant them privileges on the role management tab.

An owner can create any types of roles and assigned these privileges to each role.

For example, types of roles:

Distributor, Reseller, Service-Provider, Admin User

Types of Privileges

These privileges are available only for owner account and not available for other roles. Owner can assign these privileges to any types of roles, following privileges are available in the CMS panel application:

Device (Device update, create, delete etc.)

Group (Group update, create, delete etc.)

Driver (Driver update, create and delete)

Geofence (Geofence update, create and delete)

Notification (Notification update, create and delete)

Attribute (Attribute update, create and delete)

Calendar (Calendar update, create and delete)

Maintenance (Maintenance update, create and delete)

Command (Command update, create, delete and send)

User (User create, update, delete etc.)

Role (Role create, update and delete)

Report (Trip Report, Stop Report, Event Report etc.)

Track (Track)

POI (POI create, update and delete)

Time Lap (Time Lap)

Account (Account create, update and delete)

Report Template (Report Template create, update and delete)

Vehicle (Vehicle create, update and delete)

Setting (Setting create, update and delete) Job (Job create, update and delete)

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