How to Prevent Driver Fatigue during Commercial Operations?

Prevent Driver Fatigue

How to Prevent Driver Fatigue during Commercial Operations?

Driving is not as simple as some people might think. It is a job that requires full commitment and presence of mind. Any lapse of concentration can result in an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that an individual is fully active before getting behind the wheels. Drivers play a pivotal part during commercial transportation operations. Many companies monitor their performance through car tracking software to make sure everything is going smoothly. 

During long working hours, an individual is bound to get tired, and similar is the case with drivers. This issue is a big concern for businesses as it causes a considerable drop in productivity. In this blog, we will touch on the various ways to counter this problem. 


Before discussing solutions, it is essential to identify the causes first. Following are some of the key ones:

  • Lack of recommended hours of sleep (7-9 hours)
  • Influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • Any health condition
  • Age-related issues
  • Long working shifts
  • Stress due to pollution
  • Road situations and weather conditions
Ways to Prevent Fatigue:

By recognizing the causes of fatigue, you are better positioned to come up with effective solutions. Following are some of the steps that should be taken to prevent the drivers from getting tired:

Shuffle the Shifts:

Usually, long working hours exhaust the drivers. The best way to prevent it is by creating a schedule that does not burden any individual. With a proper plan for the total daily trips, the drivers can take ample rest in between their shifts. It helps them relax and utilize some time in recreation. They can start their next shift with a fresh mind, making them less likely to become fatigued. 

While organizing the daily schedule, it is essential to consider certain factors like age, experience, shift hours, etc. It is preferable to assign the night shifts to young individuals who are more likely to remain active. Experienced drivers should be given preference for traveling on tricky routes. With the help of modern car tracking software, trip scheduling can be done to distribute tasks effectively. 

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Avoid Cruise Control:

Cruise control is an excellent feature available in modern vehicles, but it could also make you lazy. When you are not using your feet, you can get too comfortable, causing you to become sleepy. Such a situation can be really dangerous as it can cause an accident. It can also result in the decline of productivity, which proves to be pretty costly during commercial operations. 

It is a disastrous idea to apply cruise control when you are already feeling sleepy. If you do so, you are likely to fall asleep, resulting in a crash. Therefore, it is essential to use cruise control with care to avoid any undesirable situation. 

Take Rest Before Long Trips:

Rest is a critical factor that can keep an individual fresh. Usually, the drivers without proper rest are the ones that get fatigued quickly. Therefore, it is essential for an individual to complete the recommended resting hours. 

Although it is the personal duty of the employees to ensure that they get enough rest, the businesses need to enable that. If a company imposes long working hours on its drivers without any break, they are going to be fatigued. Companies need to give facilities like a nap room to allow the employees to rest during their breaks. It can help keep them fresh and be more productive. 

Get a Comfortable Seat:

At times, everything else is perfect except the vehicle’s seating, which causes the drivers to become tired. Due to the uncomfortable seat, the driver can develop spasms and body pain that can be distracting while driving. The drivers should use cushions, adjust the seat, and do all the other things to get comfortable behind the wheel. 

With a comfortable seat, the drivers can focus better on the road. It can result in better driving efficiency resulting in saving fuel costs. The comfort behind the wheel can also prevent back pain and muscle stiffness keeping the drivers active. 

Drivers are critical to the success of commercial fleet operations. A business needs to take all the possible measures to keep them fresh. It is essential to optimize their performance to get the best business outcomes. Using excellent car tracking software like Flotilla IoT can help you in monitoring vehicle activity 24/7. 

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