How Flotilla IoT Fleet Management System Ensures Safety?

Fleet Management System Ensures Safety

How Flotilla IoT Fleet Management System Ensures Safety?

Flotilla IoT is an advanced end-to-end fleet management system tailor-made for the evolving needs of the telematics industry. It comes with an array of innovative features ranging from real-time location monitoring to vehicle maintenance and security. If we compare the effectiveness of Flotilla IoT with any other option available in the market, it can be ranked amongst the best.

Vehicle security is one of the most critical factors in the logistics business. It is integral to have a safe environment for the operations to run smoothly. Flotilla IoT is aware of this fact and has devised ingenious solutions for foolproof security. Let us look at some of these in this blog. 

Safety Features in Flotilla IoT Fleet Management System:

Flotilla IoT is designed by keeping every aspect of fleet operations in mind. Like other aspects, it also emphasizes safety by introducing several features, and the following are some of the prominent ones:

Driver Identification:

The driver identification is essential to ensure that the authorized individual is driving the vehicle. In Flotilla IoT, you have the luxury to monitor vehicle activity without punching the Driver ID.

Usually, in commercial vehicle operations, driver identification is necessary before traveling. If you detect the vehicle’s moving status without driver identification, you can immediately counter such a situation. You can also set alerts for ignition and movement to get notifications whenever the ignition turns on or the vehicle starts moving. 


Flotilla IoT fleet management system offers excellent Eco-driving functionality to guarantee safe driving during trips. Moreover, you can monitor every aspect of driving to ensure lesser risks and more fuel efficiency. Flotilla IoT has a mechanism to impose penalties on the drivers whenever there is a breach of eco-driving limitations. Following are some of the parameters on which you can apply Eco-driving:

  • Acceleration:

You can set a threshold acceleration value according to your requirement to receive notifications. Whenever the driver exceeds the limit, you will be notified. The driver faces a penalty depending on the severity of the violation.  

  • Brakes:

You can set the threshold values for braking in terms of gravitational force (G). When the driver applies brakes harder than the threshold value, a penalty will be imposed. 

  • Bump:

You can set a threshold value for crossing the road bumps. A penalty will be imposed whenever the driver strikes a bump with greater force, and a notification will be triggered.

  • Speed:

You can set the speed threshold value, and on exceeding that value, a notification will be triggered informing you about the violation. A penalty would also be imposed against the offense depending on its severity. 

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  • Turn:

You can set a threshold value for taking turns, and whenever there is a violation, you will receive a notification for it. The driver has to face a violation for the breach. 

  • Idling:

Idling for a long time can result in excessive fuel consumption. To counter that, Flotilla IoT allows you to set a threshold value for idling duration. When the violation happens, a penalty will be imposed, and you will also be notified about it. 

Security Alerts:

As a manager, you would want to have a complete awareness of the real-time activity of a vehicle. With an advanced Flotilla IoT fleet management system, you have the freedom to create events for different activities and receive notifications for them.

  • Geofence:

When the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence, you will be notified about it. Thus, you can monitor the activity within a specified area, allowing you better control. 

  • Ignition:

Whenever the ignition of the vehicle starts, a notification will be sent to you. Therefore, you will get a heads-up whenever someone turns the ignition ON to check its authorization.

  • Panic Button:

The panic button is an alternative for the SOS button in the Flotilla IoT fleet management system. You can press it in case of an emergency triggering a notification. It allows you to take quick action in case of an emergency.

  • Car Alarm:

If you set an event for Car Alarm, you will receive a notification upon alarm triggering. It will allow you to counter any unauthorized activity quickly without any significant loss. 

  • Door:

With a door event, you will receive a notification whenever the vehicle’s door opens. You can monitor whether an authorized person is entering the car or not. 

  • Unit Status:

By setting the ‘Unit Status’ event, you can receive a notification for connection loss, connection restore, and unknown status. It allows you to check the justification of the change in the unit’s status. Moreover, if there is a suspicious activity going on, you can identify it quickly and counter it with a fast response. 

  • Fuel: 

The fuel event notifies you about fuel status. With the threshold values for filling and drainage set through measurement sensors, you will receive a notification for them. It helps identify the fuel leak immediately, resulting in a quick response.


The geofence module in the Flotilla IoT fleet management system allows you to specify an area for strict monitoring. When the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence, a notification is sent to you through mobile notification, email, or web popup. So, it allows you to quickly detect any suspicious activity within the geofence and ensure a rapid response. 


You can create driver-based reports on the Flotilla IoT GPS tracking software. It gives you a complete overview of the driver’s behavior during trips. By analyzing the driver-based reports, you can identify the risk factors and convey them to the drivers for ensuring safety in the future. 

Track History:

The track history is another excellent feature that allows you to monitor any suspicious activity. You can view customized track history by selecting the date and time. If there is any deviation from the designated route, you can inquire drivers about it. Thus, it allows you to minimize the probability of theft or any other undesirable situation. 


Without timely maintenance, vehicles are always at risk of accidents. However, with the Flotilla IoT fleet management system, you can create a maintenance schedule for every vehicle separately. You can set maintenance in terms of:

  • Mileage: 

You can set the vehicle’s current mileage as the starting value and the mileage, after which maintenance is due in the Period field. After achieving the specific period, you will be notified about due maintenance ensuring a timely response. 

  • Hours:

In hours, you enter the current mileage in the start field and the specific hours which will trigger the notification. On the completion of the working hours, you will be notified about it helping you to conduct timely maintenance. 

  • Date:

Set the starting date in the start field and the date you want to trigger maintenance notification in the period field. After reaching the set period, you can receive a notification for it. 

Flotilla IoT fleet management system covers every area of fleet safety to ensure a secure environment for running operations. Thus, with all the innovative safety features mentioned above, it helps companies to work hassle-free resulting in better profitability. 

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