WanWay tech

Being one of the most innovative IOT companies in the telematics industry, WANWAYTECH has been dedicating itself to offering both corporate and individual IOT digital services for government projects, public transportations, financing enterprises, fleet management companies and personal users.

We have 390 office employees and 60 R&D personnel. We offer not only OEM but ODM services, and our online platform has served over 2 million customers.

Industry Advantages

Our customers have spread all over the world. Our cloud location system platform has become the world’s leading location big data platform. The location service capability covers 60+ countries. The global positioning capability covers 1 billion WIFI and 150 million base station signals worldwide. 100 million, the platform is currently tied to 6 million positioning terminals.

We have built a platform architecture of 30+ types of risk systems, and have the trust of 100,000+ customers. We all have the types of platforms you need.

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