The OKO project was founded in 2007. In 2008, the trademark “OKO” (TM OKO) was registered, the intellectual property of which is protected by a relevant certificate. The main field of activity is the development and production (Ukraine) of devices on microcontrollers for various functional systems. Today, one of the main areas for us is the development and production of monitoring and control devices (GSM alarm, GPS / GSM tracker), using GSM (SMS, CSD, GPRS / EDGE) and GPS technology. Employees of our team are highly qualified specialists in such areas as Mobile Communication,GPS navigation,electronics and microelectronics,programming production.


Our goal is to provide the client with a multi functional, reliable and affordable remote control system, with which the user will be able to make decisions on the management and monitoring of all their facilities (WEB monitoring).

In our understanding, the system of remote control of objects includes:

data transmission from various sensors and GPS receiver (M2M technology), control via mobile phone and personal computer (SMS monitoring), reception and data processing on a personal computer (GPS monitoring).

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