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Create Trailer

  • Click on the Create new button on the top of Trailer module.
  • Enter the required information related to trailer.

Trailer Plate

Enter the trailer plate number in this option.

Trailer UUID

Enter the unique trailer UUID number in this option.


Enter the description of the trailer in this option.


You can add an image related to the trailer by clicking on this option.

Search Trailer

  • To find the required trailer in the staff list, use the search field above the staff list.
  • Enter the required trailer name in the search field, the result will display.

View Trailer

  • Click on the name of the trailer to view its complete information.  

Delete Trailer

  • Select the trailer from the list and click on Delete icon next to its name.
  • The trailer will be deleted successfully and will not be displayed on the trailer list anymore.

Update Trailer

  • Select the trailer from the list and click on Edit icon next to its name.
  • Update the trailer information that you want to update and then click on the update button.

The trailer information will be updated successfully.

Download Trailer

Click on the three vertical dots to download any trailer’s information in Excel and PDF.

Upload Trailer Click on the three vertical dots and select ‘Upload Excel’ option to import any trailer information.


Multiple trailers can be added in a group to manage their record conveniently. If you want to categorize different trailers, you can add them in separate groups. For example, the trailers with 500kg load capacity can be entered in one group while the ones with 250kg load capacity can be in another group. You can also create reports, schedules, and events with respect to the groups.

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